Zenian Fermented 4 L Value Pail

Zenian Fermented 4 L Value Pail

We are not offering Zenian product. This particular type of oil was replaced by Ancient Wisdom, is much harder to keep in stock.

Organic cold-pressed unrefined raw virgin coconut oil prepared Fully Fermented (Gut Friendly)

Zenian RAW Fermented Process | Taking the “stress out of digest”. Gut friendly, fully fermented process aids absorption of friendly acids
Sold out again (in 2 days) Sizes: The bulk aisle has 2 size arrangements, in 1 plastic pail type.

  • Zenian Fully Fermented Value Pail 4 Litre – 1 pail
  • Zenian Fully Fermented Value Pail 8 Litre – 2 pails
  • Opening instructions – snip plastic lid overhang upwards, then along the middle of the overhanging lip, to make it shorter for easier reopening.

Are you looking for coconut oil that’s easy on your digestive system?

The digestive system is a finely tuned system. When that system get’s out of tune, it can take weeks, months or years to restore itself. Some people’s digestive systems are so out of tune they fail to cope with most food.

If you want to reduce the effort your body requires to digest food, you’ll need to add fermented food to your diet, says Dr Sally Fallon, celebrated author of Nourishing Traditions. But the problem is, where do you find enough variety of fermented food? It’s one thing to eat Sauerkraut, it is another thing altogether to live on!

Eating raw fully fermented coconut oil is one of those nourish traditions that the Philippines have been using for many centuries. Now you can too. Zenian have provided us with a reliable source of fully fermented raw, organic coconut oil.

What makes this Fermented Coconut Oil unique?

Zenian Fully Fermented oil is a raw food. It is not heated to a high heat. Most fermented coconut oil is heated up to 75%, which is not suitable for raw food diets. This oil is labelled, “Raw Virgin Coconut Oil (Fermented Process)”. It is organic, unrefined, cold-pressed raw food, using a traditional fully fermented process to create an oil which is easier for those with a sensitive digestion system to gain valuable health giving acids.

This is fully fermented in terms of smell and taste

This is for the true raw & fermented food enthusiasts! While all the coconut oils we carry are cold-pressed and classed as raw, the temperature used in processing this oil is particularly low (40-50 degrees Celsius as opposed to 55 degrees Celsius).

Fully fermented over 4-5 days in the traditional way, this oil has a taste and aroma of fermented coconut. Why fermented? The fermentation process “unlocks” foods so that more of the nutrients become available to the body. Fermented foods are very “gut friendly.”

Coeliac Disease Sufferers Take Note

Recent customer feed back has lead us to believe this may be the only coconut oil in our shop that is not likely to set off the most sensitive sufferers. We can’t guarantee anything, but one customer has tried all our Philippines ranges, and said this is the one that works for him.

This oil is not RBD (Not Refined)

It is:

  • not refined
  • not deodorised
  • not bleached
  • not heated above 50 degrees celius

This oil meets the criteria for low heat processing associated with raw food diets and those who need extra help with digestion of good acids.

Do You Pay Postage or Freight?

All our prices are postage and freight inclusive for orders over $20. You pay no more than the price in the check out, after you have chosen your items after $20.

No extra charges for Rural Delivery

You’ll pay nothing extra in any rural setting. You’ll pay nothing extra in Stewart Island or even the Chatham Islands! (Yes they do consume our oil over there. It’s not a very tropical place).

How much is it?

2 thoughts on “Zenian Fermented 4 L Value Pail

  1. Hello

    I would like to re-order Zenian Fermented 4 L Value Pail. Please confirm the availability and I will pay right away with my visa card.

    Kind regards

    1. Sorry we don’t have any Zenian Fermented 4 L pails in stock. We do have Zenian Fermented in 1 L jars but it’s not exactly the same oil as it comes from Thailand not the Philippines:

      Alternatively, we recommend Ancient Wisdom Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil which is a very popular fermented coconut oil from Samoa. You can buy 4 refill packs (4 litres) for $124.90 here:

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