Why Coconut Tips

Where can you get reliable answers to Coconut questions?

(And how on earth do you quickly find answers even at 12.01am?)

When discussing coconut products with friends and family, most people have questions.

These questions may involve something to do with how to use oil, or which type of coconut product is best, or recipes.

It may be about how to care for skin, or what an MCFA is. And the natural response to such a situation is to try and find the answers via the Internet.

But often the answers online are unpredictable and contradictory.

What’s worse is that the source of the information can’t always be trusted. You’re never sure what’s being revealed and what’s being ‘conveniently forgotten.’ Plus when you do find some useful information, there’s often no other trusted source you can turn to, to ask for an opinion.

It’s a bit like starting class after school camp

You remember the feeling you get near the end of camp, when everyone has become friends, and you all share a common set of knowledge and experience and lingo, don’t you? Those who join the group or class after that camp won’t have the same knowledge, experience and camaraderie. They won’t know the inside jokes, and can’t share the same memories. For them it may be they feel a little lonely. Everyone else knows the lingo, and they may feel left out.

Master the Coconut! Discover its many uses, and easily explain them to friends and family.

Introducing Coconut Tips.

How Can You Learn More?

There are now two levels of membership level – free membership, and Coconut Tips.

Why Coconut Tips?

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Find Recipes Faster with Coconut Tips

Add Coconut products to your diet with ease using our topical recipe index. In the Camp Coconut recipe index, the recipes are listed in date order, according to when they were put on the site.

We know it is easier to find recipes with Coconut products in them by topic so we’ve collated them that way in Coconut Tips for easier reference and time saving convenience there.

Take a look at a sample of the content in Coconut Tips below.




Spicy Chicken cooked with Basmati Rice

How long will Virgin Coconut Oil Keep?

Chickpea Curry

Smoke Point of Virgin Coconut Oil

 Chicken – Tandori Chicken Sandwich

Make your own Coconut Cream

Coconut Banana Bread

Cream – Whipped Dairy Free

Granola – Coconut Vanilla Granola

Cream – Whipped Dairy Free

Muesli – Weight Loss Muesli

Porridge – Creamy Quinoa Porridge

 Porridge – Naturally Flavoured

Yoghurt – Coconut Cream Yoghurt

Free Reports: What’s Inside?

Headings inside the report “Coconut Oil Eczema Dry Skin and Psoriasis: A guide from our experience”
  • Does coconut oil offer any hope for the sufferer of super dry skin, eczema or psoriasis?
  • Why do we recommend so many options?
  • Consider these things first
  • What is Oil Pulling?

This simple report shares our experience. It is totally different to our booklet, “Is Coconut Oil Good For Skin?” (7 Insights).

The section of this report “Coconut Oil Eczema Dry Skin and Psoriasis” on Oil Pulling is totally different to the page in our site which sells the Dr Bruce Fife book Oil Pulling Therapy, and it is again different to the free report we’d like you have as a bonus for finding out more about Coconut Tips membership.

What is the “Coconut Butter Suggestions” report like? 

It is a 1 page list of suggestions on how you might use Coconut Butter (Creamed Coconut). It is a valuable reference guide to put near your jar of Coconut Butter / Creamed Coconut.