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Why Coconut Oil?

Why Coconut Oil? It is the leanest fat in the world.


We say Coconut Oil is the leanest fat in the world. The tiniest molecules make it unique. Part of the fat in Coconut Oil is so lean it can even reach through the blood-brain barrier.

This barrier allows some of the oil’s beneficial acids into the nervous system of the brain. It can even reaches through the blood-brain barrier which allows some oils into the nervous system of the brain. This leanness factor is what helps make it a revitalising oil for your body. Some nutrients can only travel around the body with fats, which we call oils.

Your body craves fat. That is why we find food with fat on or in it extra tasty. Chef, Health Food and Paleo Diet blogger Elizabeth Nyland says this about Coconut Oil.

“[Virgin] Coconut Oil is a lovely addition to any kind of recipe, from savoury to sweet, as it is a bit of a nutritional chameleon. With its slight tropical scent and creamy consistency, coconut oil has become the most used ingredient in my pantry.”

It is:

  • resistant to rancidity
  • the caprylic acid in Virgin Coconut Oil is small enough to pass through the blood barrier of the brain
  • transports some vitamins, minerals and nutrients from fruits and vegetables through your body
  • your body, and your brain need fat more than most people realise
  • made up of fatty acid chains short enough to slip from digestion to liver without going through the pancreas, saving energy, and providing a boost in energy levels upon eating

New Zealand Food Bloggers, Julia and Libby (Matthews) talk about Coconut Oil.

“For a few months now I have been using coconut oil and cannot believe how much my skin has benefited from this. Coconut oil or ‘white gold’ is the only thing I will apply to my face every night, I can’t live without it.”

Why Coconut Oil? The Coconut Oil Shop also says that Coconut Oil is the leanest fat for because the body burns up the fat easily.

The Medium Chain Fatty Acids are easily burnt up by your body, rather than lying around as fat on the abdomen, arms, chest area, hips or thighs, as Long Chain Fatty Acids tend to do.

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