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We wholesale Coconut Oil and Coconut products both in New Zealand and globally.

The type of local companies we work with are skin clinics looking for natural products, and wholefood shops. Outside of New Zealand we work with corporates and large organisations on bulk orders. There are some common elements that define the type of businesses we work with. Let us help you decide if we may be of any value to your organisation.

“Are some of these statements true for you?”
You are a New Zealand wholefood shop facing an increasing need for Virgin Coconut Oil, and you’re looking at a reliable supplier who can work alongside you and your staff to grow your coconut oil business, on a basis other than just retail price.

You are a large corporate or buyer’s organisation looking to launch coconut oil as a product, or looking for a new source of Virgin Coconut Oil.

You are a health clinic with health care professionals working directly with clients on a one on one basis, and are looking for a skin oil to resell to existing customers.

In New Zealand we offer wholesale accounts to those we feel fit our profile of retailer, beauty or natural therapy clinic, school technology faculty, and food manufacturers We are also involved in the international market for bulk Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, and other related products.

Clients are likely to fit with our brands if they love all natural coconut products and are looking for Virgin Coconut Oil, with a coconut taste and smell left intact, not refined away.

Skin Clinics that are likely to work well with us if they are concerned about what goes on their clients’ skin.

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