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White Gold | from Sri Lanka (Ceylon)

Some customers love the taste and smell of coconut!

White Gold Mid Size Range

White Gold Mid Size Range

We’ve sold and sampled many brands of Coconut Oil from many locations since 2009. This oil is the closest to what we’d call a classic Coconut Oil taste and smell.  When we tried this oil, we said to our supplier, “If that is what it takes like, we want some!” And so will you and your customers!

What makes White Gold unique?

The sweet, classic coconut taste and smell which is different to the Philippines coconut oil, is what makes this product different. The taste and smell of this oil is unique, even in Sri Lanka! No other oil tastes as sweetly coconut, it’s like white gold.  There has to be a story behind such a high standard of oil, and there is.

What is the story behind the oil? Why is it so delicious, beating the famous smooth oil brands in terms of taste and smell, according to some customers? Sri Lanka is a developing country, and this oil mill is still owned by one family concern, who take a personal interest in the quality of the oil produced. The family treat the coconuts with utmost respect, ensuring that the oil is not overheated while processing. In fact, it could qualify as a raw product.

What about the allergen information?

This product is packed in facilities that do not have any nuts, other than Coconuts or it’s oil.

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380 ml White Gold Jars $9 including GST (Minimum Order 12 Jars). There is a postage included price in the link provided.

We’re very excited about this Extra Virgin Coconut Oil because it has been processed by a small family owned business in Sri Lanka in a way that retains all the phytonutrients of the coconuts.

White Gold Virgin Coconut Oil 1 Litre

White Gold Virgin Coconut Oil 1 Litre

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White Gold 380 ml Jar

White Gold 380 ml Jar

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Extra Virgin Coconut Oil - White Gold - Do you love the taste and smell of coconuts?

White Gold 3.25 L Value Pail

What type of country is Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka is the island nation at the bottom of India. It is an amazingly beautiful place, with customs, foods, and people quite different to India. The vibrancy of the island of Sri Lanka seems to come out in the taste and smell of White Gold Coconut Oil. Whether you use it for your skin, hair or eating. If you love the fresh taste and smell of Virgin Coconut Oil, you’ll love White Gold.

Our White Gold Extra Virgin Unfermented Coconut Oil is a whole food that needs no refining.

Product Facts

What is in and not in White Gold Extra Virgin Coconut Oil?

Q Does this product contain hexane, or use hexane at all during the process?
A No. Only Refined, Bleached and Deodorised Oil has that nasty stuff in it. See our page on that topic.