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White Gold 380 ml Jar
White Gold 380 ml Jar

White Gold.

Many times we get asked for wholesale prices from people who have never used our oil. They know nothing about it, and have very little interest in its uniqueness. In this Wholefoods Wholesale login area, we’re outlining our products, and what makes them unique. From this page, we also provide access to our free Camp Coconut learning material as well.

What are the benefits of logging in here?

There are many coconut based products out there in the market, and sometimes you’re expected to know what is suitable for a client and and what is not. So to help you to comply with customer expectations that what you are selling is fit for purpose, we will develop some resources you can look up at the counter, and show to your customers if need be. We’re committed to taking a stand for better education about Coconut Oil and other related items we sell and or manufacture. We want to help you to develop long term customer relations with your regular customers by providing information about our products a low pressure, consultative manner.

Your login includes

Information required by a retailer to recommend our Raw Virgin Coconut Oil and our Raw Coconut Flour. Here is what you’ll get in the login for Wholefoods Retailers:

  • White Gold Extra Virgin Coconut Oil wholesale prices

White Gold Extra Virgin Coconut Oil “Add to Cart” options (“Pay, Click and Receive”)

In addition, free access to Camp Coconut Free Member in the same login.

Latest Updates

We have another service coming soon, Coconut Tips Magazine. Feel free to encourage others to sign up for this secret content. Almost anyone, almost anywhere in the world can gain access to this Free Membership area.

Here is an interesting article about monolaurin, which is a key component of the fatty acids in Coconut Oil.

Bye for now. Until next login.

Lastly about the login. You will log in using the “login” on the right hand panel of the site, or at the top of the protected page you can’t access.

Index Of Free Content

The Coconut Oil Miracle
Click on the book image to shop for products for delivery to a New Zealand address.

Free Recipes Archive Index Page: here are the rules.

  1. We find recipes for you, and publish them in the weekly stock updates emails.
  2. Recipes are normally archived here in this page, and you can access them for free, if you join this free membership area.
  3. We intend to make a more easily navigated version of this index in Coconut Tips content area in the future.
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