What makes us different is that we offer a “Pay, Click and Receive” guarantee of service?

The automation for this is still rolling out, but our business is built around making wholesale as easy as online retail for
retailers buying from us.

This is the type of Wholefood Shop we want to serve.

We’re looking for New Zealand wholefood shops facing an increasing need for
Virgin Coconut Oil. But one that are looking at a reliable supplier who can
work alongside them and their staff to grow the coconut products business,
on a basis other than just retail price.

Here is some product information for our most popular retail offering. I
think it is best to stick with one offering to start off. That way your
decision making is simpler, and you can gauge for yourself if you like
dealing with us. But below you can see we have a number of Coconut Product

Wholefoods Wholesale Product Information

Products RAW and Cold Fermented – Ancient Wisdom Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
RAW and unfermented – White Gold Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
Gold Dust Raw Coconut Flour
import this from Samoa, ourselves).
import and wholesale this from Sri Lanka ourselves).

Glass jars
Plastic pails
Plastic bag for flour
Prices 380 ml *$7.83 + GST* plus postage comes in boxes of 12.
1,000 ml (I Litre) *$19.13 + GST* each, plus postage comes in boxes of 12.
3,250 ml (3.25 Litre) *$55.39 + GST* each, plus postage comes in boxes of

1 kg Flour $7.83 + GST each, plus postage comes in boxes of 12.
Postage Approximately $45 including GST for most orders to Auckland, 2-3 day
delivery from business day the order is paid for.
Payment Payment is before dispatch. We guarantee delivery. We’re working on setting
up all major product combinations onto a “Add to Cart” type product
selection. Some are already there.

Pay Click and Receive
and Postage Included).

Thanks for your enquiry. We look forward to hearing from you again soon.