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Food Manufacturers: Coconut Oil, Flour, Sugar, Vinegar, Water, Wholesale Options

Neil Smith welcomes wholesale enquiries

Food manufacturers and chefs are looking at Coconut Oil, Flour and Sugar and wondering if they should be including some of these things in their products. My family has been cooking and baking Coconut Wholefoods since 2003. We’ve got a selection of products you can consider.

You’re evaluating Coconut Product wholesale options. There are so many confusing options out there, so let’s help you find out if we can help you.

I’d like you to pick one of the following areas of interest. Once you pick one, click on the link, and we’ll get your closer to some Coconut Oil or Coconut Product answers that are relevant for you.

Coconut Oils – Tasty Virgin Oil or Tasteless

All our oils are extracted chemical free. We supply an intensely coconut tasting and smell Raw Virgin Cold Pressed Coconut Oil, and an all natural tasteless, smell-less deodorised oil (which can replace olive oil, in some circumstances).

Dry goods: Coconut Chips

We feel our Raw Coconut Chips leave consumers feeling more satisfied than cheaper Coconut Chips.

Dry goods: Coconut Threads

Ever thought of using threads on french toast? It’s a novel idea anyway.

Dry goods: Coconut Desiccated

Mellows out strong flavours. Also, legend has it Chocolate Coconut Macarons can help with diahoria symptoms. Certainly desiccated coconut absorbs water well. Mal-absorption of liquids is part of a leaky digestive system.

Dry goods: Coconut Sugar

Low GI. Slightly caramel flavour.

  • 36 times the Iron (compared to brown sugar)
  • 4 times the Magnesium (compared to brown sugar)
  • 10 times the Zinc (compared to brown sugar)

Liquids: Coconut Water

 Provides a subtle banana flavour due to very high potassium content. Revives a body like no other liquid known to man.

Liquids: Coconut Vinegar

 You may want to sell supply some small skin oil or jam jar sized Virgin Coconut Oil product for some of your clients.


We have collected a range of interesting “Mum Blog” recipes, and some “definately not ‘Mum Blog'” recipes too. They might trigger some food ideas among the creative staff if you are wondering what to do with our products.

You can access them by joining the Camp Coconut learning area. It’s free.