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We Serve Three Primary Markets For Coconut Products

1) Real Food Revolution – Virgin Coconut Oil Consumption

2) Natural Ingredient Manufacturers – Coconut Food and Virgin Oil for Skin Manufacturing

3) Health Clinics – Skin Clinics and Natural Skin Care

Whether you are a retailer, manufacturer or therapist, we only wholesale quality we can stand behind with our hand on our hearts.

Because the needs of a wholefoods shop are totally different to the needs of a natural skin care clinic, or a manufacturer, we’re in the process of making totally different logins or each type of wholesale account. This is no small task, so bear with us as we ramp that up.

Progress so far includes:

Skin Clinic prices and packages.
Wholefoods Shop prices and packages.
Food manufacturer prices and pail size options.

We welcome enquiries from any New Zealand business on these lines.

All enquiries from outside New Zealand should direct be directed to us by email also.

The Wholefoods Market image is from Miami, USA. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a shop that big and the customers to fill it every hour of ever day. (And the staff, and suppliers to make it run like like clockwork)!
The Cafe / Food Manufacturer image is from the US too.

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