Business Owners: Coconut Oil Wholesale Options

I find ways to be useful to manufacturers by helping plug holes in supply or source product in NZ on an ongoing basis – Neil Smith

Hi, I’m Neil Smith, and my family have been consuming and then importing Virgin Coconut Oil since 2003. When you are evaluating Coconut Product wholesale options you may find many confusing options out there, so let’s find out if we can help you.

I’d like you to pick one of the following areas of interest. Once you pick one, click on the link, and we’ll get your closer to some Coconut Oil or Coconut Product answers that are relevant for you.

Food ManufacturersYou’re considering replacing other oils flour, dry goods – you’re catching the Coconut Wave (a food revolution).

Food Manufacturers

You’re considering replacing other oils flour, dry goods – you’re catching the Coconut Wave (a food revolution).

Food Service / Cafes and Restaurants

You may use coconut wholefoods, or service those who may want some coconut wholefoods.


You may require Coconut Oil 200ml jar, 500ml, 1Litre jar pricing by boxloads.

Your choice of supplier for coconut products doesn’t have to be confusing for you or your customers. We have seen and tasted many coconut oils from across the globe. Prospective suppliers all seem to believe that their oil is the best and the purest and tastes delicious. Perhaps you’ve also been approached  by a person from a distant land who says they have the best tasting, highest quality, “bestest” oil on the planet!

Sometimes it can seems hard to believe these claims. We have come to appreciate that when they have only seen what they have seen all their lives, they cannot believe that there is a whiter, better smelling/tasting oil out there. The problem applies with suppliers who only deal in one brand!

We have always been very polite when the first taste of a supplier’s oil nearly makes our eyes bulge out! In these cases suppliers the people are genuine in their claims, but to cater for the Western palate already used to top-quality delicate tasting virgin coconut oils, we have learnt that we must hand-pick the best oils available in the marketplace.

Not all Virgin Coconut Oils are Created Equal

Some suppliers can produce great quality virgin coconut oil but they can also be very erratic with their production schedule, not being able to come up with the goods when needed. Some are inconsistent with product quality. Others ignore when problems arise. The sample oils we sent to you come from a very reliable source which is vital when starting new product lines.

You’ll develop a confidence when you see our product descriptions, and learn the reasons why we’ve chosen to develop the brands we have. Your confidence will pass on to your staff and together you’ll to attract all the coconut product consumers you need to boost profitability as a highly respected independent health product retailer.

In fact, retailing brands with a unique brand message will raise your local profile and increase the trust level with your prospective customers.

What we’ve learned along the way

Since we started on our Virgin Coconut Oil journey, we’ve bought, eaten and sold a huge variety of Virgin Coconut Oils. So when the Coconut Oil Shop was able to trial, sell, and ultimately wholesale the brands we represent now, we spent time and money developing our unique brands with absolute confidence that they have a unique place in the market.

It can be confusing deciding between coconut oil and coconut products, and of course providers of these products. But it doesn’t have to be confusing.

We offer wholesale accounts to those we feel fit our profile of retailer, beauty or natural therapy clinic, whether they be in New Zealand or elsewhere in the globe. In the International market, we are involved in the supply of bulk Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, and other related products for retailers, and bio-technology companies.

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