Which oil – lesson 5

In lesson five of the “Which Oil?” series of questions and answers, we’ll look at how you decide which oil to use when you want to use oil for eating and drinking, as well as for skin.

There are a number of layers of considerations. So in this chapter we’ll show you the first layer of considerations only.

You’ll remember from other lessons, all our oil can be used for eating or drinking, and skin. Here is how we would recommend you make your decision.

Firstly, the taste and smell of fermented oil may not suit some people. Of the two fermented oil products, Zenian Fully Fermented is stronger in taste and smell than Ancient Wisdom.

That leaves us to consider unfermented coconut oil. So perhaps an unfermented oil is better for you? Only you will know.

Of the unfermented oils, the one with the most classic taste and smell is White Gold.


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