Which oil – lesson 3

In lesson three of the “Which Oil?” series of questions and answers, we’ll look at how you take the oil.

“Start by the tea spoon, with food”

I had a woman on the phone today who said she took 1 table spoon full early in the morning, and suffered greatly with it. I thought to myself, “Stomach cramps”. Taking it with food would make the introduction of coconut oil in your daily routine a lot less painful and unpleasant.

So just how can you use it? You can use coconut oil in baking, cooking, oil pulling, on your hair, on your skin, as a lubricant, as a grease cleaner on hands (oily hands for example).

But as for taking it in the mouth, and swallowing it, you’re best to take it starting off with a tea spoonful, with a meal.

Once your body gets used to it, you take more of it. Anything up to 2-3 table spoon fulls, Dr Newport, Dr Fife and other experts recommend.

Just how much oil is 3 tablespoons a day?

If 15 grams of butter is one tablespoon, then 3 tablespoons of virgin coconut oil is 50 ml of oil. So the short answer to the question “Just how much oil is 3 tablespoons a day?” is 50 ml. You can assume the average person who is consuming coconut oil won’t be consuming a lot more than that. And you should never start off first up with that amount.

If you are using oil pulling as well, you may use more, or consume less, and oil pull the rest. Oil pulling doesn’t involve eating.


When making scones, you can substitute up to all of the butter with coconut oil. When making bread, you can substitute butter with coconut oil. It doesn’t make flaky pastry :  ( Commercial bakeries and Pastry chefs use butter or RBD Palm Oil for that, dear I suggest such a thing)

Now for the promised story from the last lesson.

One of my cats is completely obsessed with Coconut Oil!

One of my cats is completely obsessed with CO. I had a small pot by my bed to use in my hair and it kept disappearing ….. Yes, the closet CO addict had been at work!

Coconut Oil for Cats, Glossy Coats, happy staff
I now have a pot just for her by her food dish and she treats it a bit like a horse does a salt lick -’snacking’ multiple times a day.

She has the most amazing thick, glossy black coat you’ve ever seen.

Jen Herd - Wellington District owns Coco the Coconut Oil Eating Cat

Jen Herd, Wellington District – Coco the Cat’s staff member.

In the next lesson, we’ll look at the question, “Is tasteless good?” So take the hint, don’t delay.

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