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Coconut Oil NZ: Where do you start?

Coconut Oil in NZ: Where do you start?

Which coconut oil? A beginner’s course.

There is a difference between knowing about the benefits of coconut oil, and knowing where to start! So where do you start?

Perhaps you’ve decided to buy some oil, and you don’t know which oil

The global coconut oil market has developed a number of grades of coconut oils, extra virgin, virgin, expeller pressed, deodorised… There is such a variety of oils it can be very confusing for those who are unsure of where to start. The goal of this page is to unravel one part of the mystery of which oil to choose.

There are many different ways to grade or sort coconut oil. To help you, we’ve reduced the types of coconut oil you have to think about by rejecting all but the most pure, least processed forms of coconut oil.

But let’s start at the start

All of our human grade coconut oil is white. There is no “not white” coconut oil for human consumption in our shop. There may be some speckled looking oil at the Indian grocery store, but not here. There may be some yellow looking oil elsewhere. But not here. (All of our oils are unrefined oils, so you may come across some sedimentation at the bottom of the jars/pails from time to time, and it is perfectly normal.)

All of our coconut oils are virgin (or extra virgin – which really is the same thing when it comes to coconut oil). The coconuts which produce oil for our shop have never been used to produce oil for anything else before they give you their best oil. (The best oil comes first – hence the idea of virgin oil.)

All of our oils can be used for anything. The oils we sell are vegetable oils. If you want to oil your cricket bat, surf board or even chopping board with some of our oil, (instead of linseed oil) that is fine. If you want to use the same oil for eating by the spoonful, that is also fine.

Here are some potential uses

If you would use another vegetable oil, you can use coconut oil.

This is the end of the very first lesson on coconut oil from the Coconut Oil Shop. If you want help, feel free to ask a question below. We will reply, and try and answer it for you. Otherwise proceed to lesson 2.


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This is where you can buy – the shopping aisles

  1. Beginner aisle
  2. Skincare Aisle
  3. Combo Aisle
  4. Fermented Coconut Oil Aisle
  5. Unfermented Coconut Oil Aisle
  6. Bulk Coconut Oil Aisle
  7. Non Coconut Oil Coconut Products
  8. Coconut Oil and Coconut Products Books

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