Weight Loss FAQ

You or your friends may wonder how oil can help with weight loss.

Oil and weight loss quick and simple summary of the facts, and some resources to point to for further information.

The Key Concept

It appears that weight loss from the consumption of Virgin Coconut Oil works because Virgin Coconut Oil requires less energy to digest than it burns in your body, according to Drs Bruce Fife and Mary Enig. It is also known as an appetite inhibitor, and a medium-term outcome from the consumption of Virgin Coconut Oil is a feeling of less desire for sweet sugary foods.

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The best books on the topic are:

Is there any evidence that coconut oil may help with weight loss?

Well, there is. But there is also plenty of anecdotal evidence it won’t happen overnight.

Check here for a link to an interesting article on a clinical study on the topic.


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If you want some help, consider Bruce Fife’s book on the topic. It includes details of a diet, which we have not used ourselves. :  )


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You can eat or oil pull with any of our oils unless it specifically states “external use only”.

Other related questions

There are different ways to use coconut oil for weight loss? Yes. It is an appetite inhibitor, it inhibits your desire for sweets and snacks. It also improves your sleep, which is associated with weight loss.

Lastly if you use virgin coconut oil for oil pulling, it can detoxify your system, which is also related to weight loss.

Most importantly, the body shape changes before the weight drops.

I hope that helps. We’ve got several books that include information on the topic. Two of them have special diets in them as well.

Here are some recipe ideas that may assist you with your weight loss goals

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