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New Shopping Cart System

As many of you are already aware, we were having major trouble with Paymex, our secure online payment processor. We have today made a complete switch to PayPal. At the same time, we reorganised the Order page, and installed a new shopping cart system. A few of you may remember, but we started off with just one product. Now that we have quite a few products for sale, an increasing number of customers were asking us to help choose a product to buy because the shop was too confusing. So hopefully you will find it a little easier to find your way around our online shop now. We would love to hear what you think. We are always open to suggestions. As with all newly installed things, we may have some technical glitches while we settle into this new system. Please bear with us. Our desire is to make ordering coconut oil as easy as possible for you. 😀

23 September 2011