Under Active Thyroid

Perhaps you’ve been told that Virgin Coconut Oil can assist those who suffer with an under active thyroid. What you said is what we’ve been told. See the book Coconut Cures pp 39-44.
Coconut Cures by Bruce Fife, N. D.
Want to find out about the amazing health benefits of virgin coconut oil?
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Mary Shomon - Natural Thyroid Care Author
Mary Shomon – Natural Thyroid Care Author

Mary Shomon is the person to look up about this topic.

Coconut Oil speeds up the metabolism because the MCTs (most of the acids in the oil, which your body loves) are small enough that they don’t require the pancreas, or insulin to break down like animal fats, and other longer chain acids (LCTs). Therefore they provide an instant, and sustained boost to your metabolism.

Here is an excellent link from Mary.

5 Lies About Your Thyroid You’re Likely to Hear

5 Lies You Are Likely To Hear About YourThyroid

Is there a New Zealand Facebook support group?

Yes there is. There is the New Zealand Thyroid Association. They also have a closed group as well. Click here for the Facebook page.

What does the Coconut Oil Shop think about Coconut Oil?

We say that Virgin Coconut Oil is a wholefood revitalising oil. Try it and see if it has any effect on your energy level. Click here to go to our site shop.

What does Mary Shomon say about Coconut Oil?

The May 20, 2003 issue of the weekly newsstand publication, Woman’s World, featured a cover story “The New Thyroid Cure.” Since that article hit the newsstand, I was deluged with emails from people who want to know if what the article seems to claim is true: Can coconut oil “cure” your hypothyroidism and ensure rapid weight loss?…Low thyroid function has many causes and no one therapy can cure all thyroid related diseases. Coconut oil is just part of the solution. For some people coconut oil may be of little help. However, when used properly and in conjunction with other things it can have a very significant effect on the most common forms of hypothyroidism.”


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