The New Arthritis Cure by Dr. Bruce Fife

“The New Arthritis Cure” by Dr. Bruce Fife

The New Arthritis Cure by Bruce Fife, N. D.

Do you suffer from arthritis?

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Will be back in stock in mid-June 2012.

Eliminate Arthritis and Fibromyalgia Pain Permanently

The title of this book makes a bold statement. It promises a cure. Is this really possible? The book claims that there is a cure to arthritis, and that you can eliminate arthritis and fibromyalgia pain permanently.

This book reveals the true cause of arthritis and fibromyalgia. Up till now these conditions have been considered incurable. The reason for this is that doctors have not recognized the cause, and without knowing the cause it is virtually impossible to develop a cure. Recent medical research, however, has established a clear cause and effect connection. The underlying cause for all the major forms of arthritis and for fibromyalgia is now known.

Drugs aren’t the answer. However, there are natural health-promoting therapies that do work and can stop the progression of the disease and encourage regeneration and recovery.

In this book you will read about new groundbreaking medical research, fascinating case studies, and inspiring personal success stories. You will learn about a totally unique approach to overcoming arthritis and fibromyalgia called the Anti-Arthritis Battle Plan. More importantly, you will learn what steps you must take in order to stop the disease process and regain your health.

Please note that we will have actual stock of this book here so you don’t have to wait for 3-4 weeks for it to arrive like with some online book shops.