Thai Black Label 500 ml Glass Bottle

Thai Black Label 500 ml Glass Bottle

Zenian Black Label 500ml

Creamy and smooth with a very subtle fruity aroma

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Organic cold-pressed unrefined virgin coconut oil from Thailand

Zenian Black Label | Inviting subtle scent and surprisingly mild taste

The jar is 150mm, (15cm, 6 in) tall. The width is 80mm (8cm, 3 in) from the bottom to 95mm (9.5 cm, 4 in) tall. The mouth on the outside of the jar is 50mm (5cm, 2 in) wide. The jar is brown glass.

Sizes: The black label has 5 size arrangements, in 1 glass jar type. Use the drop down menu to choose between 500mls and 4 litres.

  • 500mls (500 cc – 1/2 litre)– 1 glass jar (50mm wide mouth)
  • 1 litre (1000ml / 1000 cc) – 2 glass jars
  • 2 litre (2000ml / 2000 cc) – 4 glass jars
  • 3 litres (3000ml / 3000 cc) – 6 glass jars
  • 4 litres (4000ml / 4000 cc) – 8 glass jars

These jars ARE NOT filled on a multi-purpose filling line. They are filled in a coconut processing plant in Thailand.

Zenian Black Label is unique because of it’s taste and smell

Suitable for eating straight off the spoon or for cooking and baking. You’ll enjoy the unique inviting taste, and there is that distinctive, subtle coconut flesh aroma.

How do we describe this unique taste?

It is first and foremost a mild taste. It is creamy, buttery, and yet very subtlely coconut flavour. It is a unique taste sensation. There is no doubt about that.

We compared the taste of Zenian Black Label (Virgin Coconut Oil) with Chantal Virgin Cococut Oil. Many times people ask us is such and such an oil as good as Chantal (Philippine oil), which has a wide spread reputation. In some ways the Zenian Black Label is similar, and others it is totally different. It is certainly of a similar quality. They both have outstanding oil tastes.

To summarise the difference between Chantal and Thai Black Label, we say this. Chantal oil tastes slightly stronger because it is a nuttier flavour. Chantal smells less coconut – fruity.

We compared the taste of Zenian Black Label (Virgin Coconut Oil) with Zenian Original (Virgin Coconut Oil) and believe that Zenian Original is the closest in taste to Chantal that we have. Therefore, compared with Black Label Thai Oil, Zenian Original would have a fresher, less buttery – creamy taste to it. Zenian Original would also smell less fruity than the Black Label oil.

In summary, the uiqueness of the Thai Black Label Virgin Coconut Oil is found in it’s subtle scent and surprisingly mild taste.

Nutritional Information for Zenian Black Label Thai Virgin Coconut Oil

Zenian Product Label (Thailand)
Zenian Black Label Nutrition Information (from the old packaging).

This oil is not RBD (Not Refined)

It is:

  • not refined
  • not deodorised
  • not bleached

Unlike RBD (refined, bleached and deodorised) oils, this oil has all the natural goodness of unrefined virgin coconut oil still intact, owing to its unique manufacturing process. It really is unique in it’s mild taste, combined with a fruity scent.

So what makes it special?

It is our only oil with a subtle scent, and yet pleasantly mild taste. It is:

  • Organic (Organic Thailand – a division of the Thai Department of Agriculture)
  • Cold pressed
  • Unrefined
  • Unfermented
  • Processed by centrifuging green coconuts, then bottled within 12 hours
  • Very subtle smell, and surprisingly mild taste
  • Glass jars

Do You Pay Postage or Freight?

All our prices are postage and freight inclusive. You pay no more than the price in the check out, after you have chosen your items.

No extra charges for Rural Delivery

You’ll pay nothing extra in any rural setting. You’ll pay nothing extra in Stewart Island or even the Chatham Islands! (Yes they do consume our oil over there. It’s not a very tropical place).

How much is it?

  • Zenian Black Label 500 mls – 1 jar $24.70
  • Zenian Black Label 1000 ml (1 Litre – 1000cc) – 2 jars $46.70
  • Zenian Black Label 2000 ml (2 Litre – 2000cc) – 4 jars $85.70
  • Zenian Black Label 3000 ml (3 Litre – 3000cc) – 6 jars $124.70
  • Zenian Black Label 4000 ml (4 Litre – 4000cc) – 8 jars $160.70