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  1. Wow, great products and personalised service.

    I had to cancel my order, because the size of the packaging didn’t suit me
    I’ve spent a lot of time in the tropics, and I keep coconut oil here for cooking, and my skin.

    I’ve been ordering jars from the Coconut Oil Shop. One time I thought I’d order a 4 litre pail, but after the order was placed, I realised the size of the pail may be too large for the kitchen.

    When I contacted the shop about this, I discovered I could exchange what I had ordered for glass jars because they helped me choose a selection of a similar value. There was no problem!

    Now that is service like it should be

    Martin Jimmink

    1. Thanks, Martin, for your great feedback!

  2. Hi.
    Have been reading Bruce Fife’s book and your website/testimonials.
    A couple of questions – oxidation. In your processing I understand
    you are not using heat – what about contact with the air creating
    damage to the nutrient? What about the damaging effects of light?
    Apologies in advance if I sound clueless …. I am.
    Kind Regards
    Gillian Thorpe

    1. Hi Gillian, Our apologies for the delay in replying. Coconut oil is an incredibly stable oil. It is 92% saturated fat, and resists oxidation. Coconut oil is also high in lauric acid which has antioxidant properties. It’s not light sensitive, either. Fermentation doesn’t damage the nutrient but improves it.

  3. Hi, I just came across your website and sooo excited about placing an order, Im hoping to get some coconut oil, coconut sugar and coconut flour – do you do package deals on those items together? Also, I love making homemade chocolate which basically consists of cocoa, icing sugar, milk powder and KREMELTA. Im very aware of how BAD kremelta is for me, so I’m wondering if it can be replaced with Coconut oil – will that work and will it alter the taste much? Im wanting to get the organic raw fermented oil (so I can use the same oil for everything – cooking, eating, and body care). Thanks in advance!

    1. Virgin Coconut Oil Chocolate

      1/2 cup plus 1 tablespoon cocoa powder
      4 tablespoons melted coconut oil
      1/4 cup agave (or substitute with stevia or maple syrup to taste, or Coco Nectar Syrup)
      Mix sweetener with oil then add cocoa powder. Keep stirring. I tend to put it in the fridge for 5 minutes until it gets a little harder to stir then spread it on grease-proof baking paper. Put another sheet of baking paper on top and flatten it down with a place-mat. You’ll end up with a slab.

      Once you’re happy with the basic version you can start experimenting with fruit and nuts or orange peel etc. It’s absolutely delicious but melts very easily.

      To answer your question about the taste, the only way for you to know is to try it yourself. We have a 380 ml jar for both Ancient Wisdom Coconut Oil and White Gold, and we’ve packaged them into a combo plan. Perhaps you could try the the Fermented, and Unfermented taste combo.

      This recipe was given to us by a loyal customer!

  4. Hello….I have just placed my second order for the Ancient Wisdom Coconut Oil – this time a 3.25 L bucket. Delivery to New Plymouth. My only concern is whether the oil will get rancid – because of the quantity and storage over the months while it is being used in moderate quantities each day. Is the stock fresh or stored – then the chances of it being rancid increase due to the process used to extract the oil. Secondly, I am yet to trial the Zenian brand Coconut Oil product (Philipines) – it appears to be more popular from what I have heard. Is this a superior product to Ancient Wisdom ???? If so – I would like to trial it. Please note my family use coconut oil daily for cooking – frying, curries etc – so would prefer the best (healthwise)… I would appreciate your comments….thank you …kind regards…George

    1. Hi George, Thanks for your question. There is absolutely no need to worry if virgin coconut oil will get rancid. Coconut oil is an incredibly stable oil and it resists oxidation.

      Even well beyond the Best Before Date (not “expiry date”) of 2 years, your coconut oil will stay fine as long as clean utencils are used when the oil is scooped out and it is kept out of the sun with the lid on.

      No need for refrigeration, either.

      The only reason you have heard more about the Zenian brand is that it has been around longer and it is stocked in many health shops across the country. Chantal is the same.

      Ancient Wisdom is the most potent coconut oil we know of, and we regard it the best oil if you are taking it for health reasons. We are able to offer Ancient Wisdom and White Gold cheaper because we import them ourselves directly from the families who produce the oils in Samoa and Sri Lanka respectively. Quality and taste wise, we believe they are actually superior to the other brands that are currently most popular in NZ.

  5. Hi, can coconut oil be used as a spread on toast? Will the taste be too strong for the kids? We have been using olive oil spread for the family but I heard they are unhealthy too. Appreciate your advise. Thanks. Herni

    1. Virgin coconut oil can be spread on toast no problem. We don’t think it tastes strong at all. Our children like it.

  6. Just over a year ago I purchased a jar of white gold coconut oil, and I use it regularly on my skin as a moisturiser. I recently had a baby and she developed cradle cap on her eyebrows and head. I have been applying coconut oil on it and it has cleared up! I also used it on her dry newborn skin, It is ideal for babies as it is completely natural and gentle on their sensitive skin. My jar is nearly empty so I just ordered another, I think it is great value for money, what other moisturiser could you buy for that price, that would last that long and have so many uses!

  7. Big thanks to you all …

    What a great service.. I just made an order and paid on line and within couple of minutes received a email saying that dispatching in 15 minutes. Wish everybody in trade are like you guys .. lt makes life so much easier.

    Thanks again.

  8. I have two beautiful pointers – Betty and Arthur; both have skin problems and accordingly I avoid yeast, flour and beef. Betty loves her coconut oil massages and thankfully has no dry spots any longer – Arthur is a new arrival and will need some work, his skin is pink and seemingly very sensitive I feed them both coconut oil in their food and I just tried rubbing coconut oil onto Arthur’s belly and under his legs it really does seem to calm the itching and he LOVES the taste.

  9. My friend gave me oil to try. Which was very good. So ordered 2 bottle of extra virgin coconut oil. Also call for sample foe ancient wisdom oil. From the oil shop. & the ancient wisdiom after using was too good for the skin. Too good. & the best part it they exchanged 1 unopened bottle of virgin oil. For ancient wisdom. What service I must. Say. Thank u so much really appreciate it.

    1. Mrs Chandnani, thank you so much for letting the world know about how our guarantee works! We’re glad the replacement oil turned up this afternoon. I’ve posted your comments at the top of this page for everyone to see. http://www.coconutoilshop.co.nz/testimonials/#Neha-Chandnani

  10. Love your products, love the great customer service! The 20L pails are ideal for spooning gifts into jars for others.

    1. Thanks Adrienne. It’s lovely to hear that.

      The Coconut Oil Shop Team.

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