Guarantee from The Coconut Oil Shop


Your coconut oil comes with a 90-day Taste & Smell Unconditional Guarantee.

What is our guarantee?

90 Day Taste and Smell Guarantee – Terms of Trade
We offer a 90-day Taste & Smell Unconditional Guarantee. Even after you open and taste our coconut oil, if you don’t like the taste or the smell, we will give you a full refund upon receiving the returned order. Just email us first. Click here for proof that we mean business.

  • Full payment is required at the time of ordering.
  • Available payment methods are credit card, bank deposit and NZ cheque.
  • Accepted credit cards are VISA, Mastercard and American Express.
  • Our bank account details: Shy Sheep Limited 12-3147-0321590-00 (ASB Bank) or Shy Sheep Limited 38-9012-0621542-00 (Kiwibank)
  • We are Shy Sheep Ltd trading as The Coconut Oil Shop, from New Zealand.
  • If bank deposit cannot be confirmed by us within seven (7) days of ordering, the order will be deleted from our system.
  • Our contact email address:
  • All prices New Zealand Dollar displayed include GST and freight within New Zealand.
  • All orders are dispatched within 1-2 business days where possible.
  • Most NZ orders (up to 4 L pails) are sent by CourierPost Overnight (Non-signature, No Saturday delivery unless requested). 10 L pails will take a couple of days longer for delivery due to its weight. 20 L pails may be sent by Toll Ipec Courier and NZ Post in rural areas. For larger items, please allow 2-6 days for delivery time from the date we dispatch your order.
  • Australian orders may take up to 14 Australian business days to be delivered from arrival in Sydney. But most Sydney orders are delivered within 3 working/business days of order.
  • Our privacy policy. (Your stuff is safe with us).

Some of out T & Cs restated for clarity

A. Refund / Damaged Goods/ Returns Policy: if the goods are damaged, we can replace them, or refund them. Whichever is practicable – easier for all parties.

B. Cancellation Policy: (What happens if the order has been paid for – then the customer decides to cancel the order) if the product has been despatched, we will have it returned to us.

i, If we deem that, at our sole discretion, returning the item will incur an unreasonable cost, we may deduct that from our refund. If it has not been despatched

ii, If returning the item can be arranged without an unreasonable cost, we will refund or replace the product, whichever the customer elects to do.

C. Service Delivery: (how soon will you provide the services/product once the customer has ordered and paid) as soon as possible, with a target of dispatching the order within one business day.

i. If the order arrived after 9:00 am on a Friday, it may get dispatched after 9:00 am on a Monday unless we can have it dispatched from Auckland, on a Friday.

D. Privacy Policy: (what will we do with your customers’ information) we will keep it private, and not share it with third parties, or sell it unless it is absolutely necessary for the fulfilment of an order or a quote for such orders. We have the technology to wipe your data from our Customer Relationship Manager, emails, and website software.

E. Product/Service Description: we provide products that include Coconut oil and related items. We provide information about their use.

Shipping and freight costs

Free shipping in New Zealand, over $20. Yes, Twenty dollars.

Tiny orders sent within New Zealand attract a flat, $9 fee.

  • Shopping cart balances under $60 attract a $9 fee.
  • South Island urban or rural $9
  • North Island urban or rural $9
  • Other islands urban or rural $9

If the combined value of the items in the cart over-shoots $59.99, then your freight in New Zealand is free.

Introducing the Shotover* Shipping Rule. We call this freight policy the “Shotover Shipping Rule”. If the combined total value of your item in the cart reaches or over-shoots $9:00, you won’t pay anything for sending the item in New Zealand. Why did this rule get introduced?

Why the $9 Shotover Shipping Rule?

Firstly, it is because someone said, “I wish to buy coconut..desiccated… but only see it available as 2kg sold in 500gm packs. I do not need 2kg.  Are you offering the 500gm packs separately?”

Sending tiny orders with a low-value item can cost more than the item itself! A 500g pack may not fit in a DLE (envelope size) courier bag. So it will cost us to send it if the shopping cart price is too low. So we introduced a free shipping barrier, to handle the cost of tiny orders. In 2021, as the bulk freight, then petrol prices, then courier prices we sat still thinking. “What do we do now?” Then in April 2022, a customer said, “You’ve been very generous in your free shipping!” It was then we made the move to increase the threshold of free shipping to orders over $59.99.

Next Step: If you haven’t made your order yet, now is your chance!

No more trips to the health food shops in town only to find they have run out of virgin coconut oil. Our aim is to have a constant supply of virgin coconut oil so you don’t have to run out. Remember, it takes a few days to get your coconut oil in the mail, so place your order now by clicking on the link below.

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*Why is the shipping rule named after a jet boat ride?

*Shotover is the name of a rapid river in Queenstown, New Zealand’s biggest tourism destination. The Shotover is best known for the Shotover Jet ride.

In fact, many people think, “Queenstown river”, “Shotover Jet”. Here are two other facts you may not know about jet boat rides in New Zealand.

Hamilton Jet created jet boats, for the Waimakariri River, in Canterbury. The Coconut Oil Shop started in Darfield, near the Waimakariri River, then moved to Oxford, which is on the other side of the same river. But is now based in Southland, a short and interesting 2-hour drive from Queenstown.

The world’s first commercial Jet operator is KJet – two rivers, twice the excitement! They are based at Queenstown Wharf, Lake Wakatipu.

Next, we are also working hard to speed up the process of ordering things here on our site. The Shotover River is a rapid moving one. That makes it a good inspiration for us as we create a better system for rapid orders.

Finally, if Neil learnt one thing about poetry in high school, it is that alliteration sounds sensational. So we are pleased to use alliteration in our shipping rule.

Finally, data retention.

The software which makes this website has created a data extraction and removal tool. The data is related to an email address. If you request either one of these, your email address will be emailed to verify the request.

As of 8th May 2018, Google analytics retains its standard data for 26 months, and then automatically dismisses it. This date is renewed each time you visit. We may keep a database record of details you have given us for the purpose of being able to email or call you about your order, or things that may interest you. You may ask to be deleted from our records, and we will do our best to achieve that.

But let us move on. Take a look around the site. There is plenty to see.