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Neil Smith Your Guide | Coconut Oil ShopNeil Smith Website Guide | Wholefood Enthusiast at Camp Coconut

Neil loves sharing ideas! [Latest news: Click here for Radio New Zealand recording]

The Smith Family say there is one word to summarise Neil’s personality. That word is passionate. That energy is poured into this site in the following ways.

Because the Smith Family live in a rural environment, they understand the challenge of being rural and remote. That is they send product, rather than putting an emphasis on a shop with four walls. Neil and family also spend a lot of time each week in membership sites where they learn the skills they need to achieve the goals set. So it made a lot of sense to Neil to set up a membership area for The Coconut Oil Shop. That membership area is called Camp Coconut. Hopefully we’ll see your name in our checkout and around Camp Coconut soon.

But in the mean time, grab yourself a hot drink, and let Neil Smith: guide start learning free at The Coconut Education Island!