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Coconut Oil user questions and expert answers May 2012

Creamed Coconut Concentrate

Real coconut oil questions

But they have been edited slightly.

User’s comment 1. The creamed coconut came with a white layer on top that tasted yummy!

Our answer. You’re tasting unfermented oil with minimal processing. It has naturally separated from the meat. It has a short shelf life in that form.

User’s comment 2.  It seems a shame the creamed coconut has to be melted by submerging the bottle in hot water. When you do so, you’re melting and losing the label with info on it after soaking the bottles.

Our answer. I think you’re right. Time we did something about that! Take a photo of the label before you submerge it.

Ancient Wisdom Virgin Coconut Oil
Ancient Wisdom Virgin Coconut Oil is easily absorbed into the skin.

User comment 3. Ancient Wisdom oil tasted quite different, perhaps even a little rancid when taken cold.

Our answer. I can assure you it isn’t rancid. If you try Zenian Fully Fermented you’ll soon find out how strong a fully fermented coconut oil can be! But strong taste is not bad. Even the Zenian Fully Fermented tastes great when you get used to it.

We got a fermented coconut oil sample from another country recently that tastes like soap!

Ancient Wisdom is a grated, then fermented only. It tastes slightly fermented, which can be mistaken for rancid. If you take it by mouth, and by the spoonful, draw it through your teeth, and swish it around a little before swallowing. You’ll have less trouble that way.

If you cook an egg (fry) you won’t notice the difference between fermented and unfermented tastes. If you put it on bread, you may notice. If you bake with it you probably won’t detect much coconut oil smell or taste. Ancient Wisdom Coconut Oil is good like that.

Try it, and see what happens. Everyone is different.

Comment / question 4. I wondered whether I should order another range with the same benefits especially for skin and hair?

All our oil is virgin and organic. So yes you could. BUT. Only two of our oils are fully fermented. The first one is Ancient Wisdom.

I’ve read, and I can’t remember where, I think in Dr Gursche’s book, “Coconut Oil”, or Dr Fife’s book, “Coconut Cures”, that fermented coconut oil goes into the skin more readily than unfermented oil.

Only fermented oil provides the benefits of easier absorption into the blood stream through skin, into hair through the follicles, and into the digestion. Not fermented oil absorbs, but not as easily as fermented. See Dr Wendy Enig, Sally Fallon and Weston Price for more information on that topic.

Coconut Oil Miracle book by Dr Bruce Fife
Coconut Oil Miracle book by Dr Bruce Fife

Comment 5 I’m trying to convince family and friends on the benefits of coconut oil.

Our answer. Keep it up!

The key is your mastery of the product for daily use. No amount of theory will convince some people. If you can learn to cook with creamed coconut concentrate, they are getting coconut oil by stealth! They won’t even know.

Using Ancient Wisdom on your hair before shampooing is a great idea. But make sure you regularly check the drain, or unblock it with EM or something to break down the build up.

We’re here to help you. Check out our “Which Oil” lessons.