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Curcumin and Melted Coconut Oil (Turmuric and VCO)

Dr Mercola recommends the use of melted coconut oil in a Curcumin and Coconut Oil paste

We don’t endorse or evaluate this use of coconut oil. We just want to draw your attention to one important aspect of its preparation.

Make sure you don’t melt the coconut oil in high heat above 160 degrees C. Coconut Oil only needs to be 25 degrees Centigrade to be melted. And don’t do it in the microwave. Who knows what damage that may do.

This is what Dr Mercola says in his article

“According to Dr. William LaValley, one of the leading medicine cancer physicians I personally know, typical anticancer doses are up to three grams of good bioavailable curcumin extract, three to four times daily. One work-around is to use the curcumin powder and make a microemulsion of it by combining a tablespoon of the powder and mixing it into 1-2 egg yolks and a teaspoon or two of melted coconut oil. Then use a high speed hand blender to emulsify the powder.”
Here is the article.

Medsafe have not evaluated this remedy, and neither have we. This information is not designed to recommend a treatment for any person.