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Thanks for joining the waiting list

We’re sorry we can’t send soap to you just now. We’re doing everything we can to build up the soap supplies, but it will be at least April before supplies are ready for sending again.

We’ll keep you informed of how things are going. We’ll also send you information items of interest from our blog, as and when it is updated.

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Palm Oil Free Soap Packaging

Completely recyclable packaging

We’ve been nominated for an award for our packaging!

I’m not sure if you are aware, but we’ve been nominated for a good packaging award by one of our customers! We couldn’t believe it when we heard. So we’re hoping you’ll stop by, and cast your vote too! (Feel free to comment there as well).

Here is the link for voting, and commenting on our soap packaging.

Bye for now. We’ll keep in touch by email.

Kind regards,


The Shy Sheep at the Milk Relief Store.