Fermented Not Fermented Coconut Oil

Fermented Not Fermented Cold Pressed Virgin? So many choices.

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One of the unique qualities of the Coconut Oil Shop is that we sell fermented, specialty oil and not fermented, regular cold pressed coconut oil products.

The biggest choice is between fermented not fermented.
Let’s start by comparing two popular oil brands in our online shop. White Gold and Ancient Wisdom.


Raw? Both are Raw.
Virgin Oil? Both are Virgin Oil.
Unrefined? Both are Unrefined.
Can be rubbed in the skin? Both can be rubbed in.
Can be used for cooking? Both can be used for cooking.
Can be eaten raw, off the spoon? Both can be eaten off the spoon.
Have the same smoke point? Yes both have the same smoke point. 177 C, 350 F.


White Gold

This is the truest Coconut taste from Sri Lanka. One wiff of it will transport your mind to a tropical island. This Virgin Coconut Oil has a “ridiculously real coconut” taste and smell. It has a sweet aroma and delightful taste. We believe it is the most “deliciously classic coconut” taste and smell we’ve ever seen.

Raw: Oil is extracted by cold pressing, very low heat, first press only.

Ancient Wisdom

One thing that makes Ancient Wisdom stand out in the market is that it is the most absorbent oil on your skin. The absorbent nature of this Raw Virgin Coconut Oil may well be an indication of how easily it will be digested and absorbed by the body. This product comes from Samoa.

Raw: Oil is extracted by traditional fermentation – extremely low tech Pacific Island operation.

Is fermented oil right for you?

Traditionally, fermented oil has been all there was. The original coconut oil which became popular, like Paul Sorse’s oil, was fermented coconut oil.

Paul’s oil processing ideas were taken from his father’s traditional Philippines method. His oil was popular in his region of the US when he adjusted the fermentation process. Even after his death at well over 100 years old, Paul’s fermented coconut oil is still popular in the US.

Coconut Oil: Is Fermented right for you

We have been selling fermented oil for some time. For a long time we’ve offered Ancient Wisdom Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (extracted without machines, and without heat). Then we introduced, napoBIO® skin oils which are also fermented, for better absorption into the skin. Sometimes people assume that we think fermented is better. We don’t. At home we use both.

Start here to compare fermented oil with unfermented oil

Virgin Coconut Oil | Start here to compare fermented oil with unfermented oil

In summary, fermented coconut oil appears to us to be more potent and easier to absorb into the skin than not fermented (unfermented) oil. But regular Coconut Oil is the choice for many of our customers for the sake of the taste and smell.

Fermented food is considered by Weston A Price Foundation to be a traditional food, which requires less digestion. Mrs Sally Fallon and Dr Mary Enig have a lot to say about fermented food in their books, “Nourishing Traditions” and “Eat Fat Lose Fat.”

Fermented Not Fermented. What does the Coconut Oil Shop say?

When we’re asked on the phone or by email which oil we recommend, we always asked the following questions.

1) Has anyone recommended a particular brand to you? If no, then we ask about taste and smell.

2) Which is more important to you: taste or health?

3) If you don’t mind about the taste and smell, we make a recommendation based on your conversation or email to recommend one of our fermented oils, or even an unfermented oil.

Some people, and their family just can’t stand the idea of a coconut taste or smell. For some of them, Ancient Wisdom is the solution, as it does not have a lot of coconut taste or a strong coconut smell.

Some people can’t stand the thought of a fermented taste or slightly fermented smell. A few have even mistaken it for rancidity! Ancient Wisdom oil is not for them, that is for sure. So we recommend an unfermented coconut oil to such people.

Which Coconut Oil To Choose?

When faced with two types of similar Virgin Coconut Oil, which one do you choose?

Here is a simple comparison of two brands.

White Gold
Ancient Wisdom Fermented
White Gold: Most classic coconut taste and smell
Ancient Wisdom: Most absorbent on skin
Raw: Oil is extracted by cold pressing. Raw: Oil is extracted by traditional fermentation – extremely low tech Pacific Island operation.
Smell: very coconut. Really classic smell Smell: less fragrant coconut smell