Coconut products are all brand new to me (take me by the hand and guide me through)

Let’s start the tour! A world of coconut products is waiting for you

Let us guide you through some background information so you can understand the terms we use and the products we sell

Coconut beginners guide start

Let’s take a quick look at the big picture. What types of coconut products do we have in the shop?

In summary, there are two main areas of a coconut tree that produce products we sell.

  1. The drupe (a coconut)
  2. The blossom (products from the nectar of selected flowers)

 What Can a Coconut Tree Produce?

 A coconut Tree produces  A large coconut (drupe – not quite a fruit) which produces a single seed wrapped in a hairy husk (usually brown).
A hairy coconut seed husk hides white meat which holds opaque coconut water.
 White coconut meat (flesh) holds moisture which turns harder and harder as the hairy seed grows older.
 Coconut drupes hang from the tree and change colour over time. Young coconut drupes are light green. Older ones are redish or yellow depending on variety.
Coconut blossoms produce sap (nectar) which is harvested on some blossoms for making sugar, syrup, and amino sauce
White flesh from inside mature green coconuts are harvested for liquid and solid products both before and after oil is extracted.
Before Coconut Oil is extracted from the flesh the following products can be extracted from it: Coconut dry goods (chips or flakes and desiccated coconut), Milk, Cream, Creamed Coconut.
After Coconut Oil is extracted from the flesh the following products can be extracted from it: Coconut Flour.

Which Oil To Choose?

I want to jump straight into a a key question I get asked a lot. I feel if we don’t cover off this question, I really haven’t offered education you can use straight away.

The question is about Virgin Coconut Oil. What would should you use: Regular or Fermented?

We’ll deal with that in the next page. You’ll be able to get back to this page, if you want to, by using the back button on your browser. You’ll also be able to get to the start here page by clicking on a link there.

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