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Coconut Oil and Celebrities
If coconut oil was fattening, why would fashion models and film stars eat it?

Here is a very incomplete list of publicly recognised coconut oil users.

Everyone knows that some models, actresses and film stars go to extreme lengths of diet and exercise activities that may undermine their health in order to get and stay slim. The reason that we high light these ladies is that they have chosen to use Coconut Oil to maintain healthy skin and support their bodies.

We do not like the super slim, no fat diet that most celebrities are known for. Dr Libby refers to this approach as “eat like a mouse and exercising like a maniac”.

Here is a list of people well known people, known for putting Coconut Oil on their hair, skin, etc. You can find this list under “C” in the list at the resources page. If you could line them all up in one room and ask them one questions, a good one would be.

“Will Virgin Coconut Oil make you fat and shiny?” – Just kidding!!!! Of course we know they are aiming for glowing and gorgeous…

Amanda Moore

Angelina Jollie

Carrie Underwood

Doutzen Kroes

Miranda Kerr

Erin Heatheron

Lauren Hutton

Coconut Oil and Celebrities Mandy Moore and Others

Amanda Moore loves Coconut Oil, she covers her skin in it daily.

Miranda Kerr drives Coconut Oil Craze, states

Miranda Kerr – Australian Model, Kora Organics brand owner (Victoria’s Secret)

Miranda Kerr (Australian Super Model – Kora Organics Brand owner)

Here is the Coconut Oil article.
There was some discussion in the media about how many tablespoons of coconut oil Miranda takes each day. Obviously everyone wants to know how much coconut oil they should consume for the effects they are looking for.

We can’t provide individual advice. But I have found this interesting coconut oil open forum discussion on the topic.

Angelina Jollie

Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood (The Sound of Music Sound Track 2013 Recording)

Carrie Underwood (About to record The Sound of Music for Sony, December 2013)

As more celebrated revolutionaries come to light, we’ll let you know…
Be warned, “authorities” will be quoted as rubbishing these celebrities’ claims that coconut oil is good for them.

The latest “Dr” tactics usually sound something like this. “Coconut oil gives you diarrhea, and there are no wide spread studies to support claims of coconut oil ketone treatments made by some people.

What about coconut oil for hair care?

You can put virgin coconut oil in your hair, to soften it, and scrub it on your scalp to stop dandruff. Doutzen Kroes, a Dutch model is currently doing that to keep her hair luscious for Victoria’s Secrets! (Victoria’s secret coconut oil secret is spreading).

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