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Ancient Wisdom White Gold | Which Coconut Oil?

How will you make the Ancient Wisdom White Gold choice?

Ancient Wisdom White Gold

Ancient Wisdom White Gold
You’re presented with two types of Virgin Coconut Oil. The Ancient Wisdom White Gold choice. Which one do you choose?

Q Is taste and smell important to you?
If you had to choose between, a – taste and smell, and b – absorption into the skin, which is more important to you?

A If taste and smell is important then…
If taste and smell are more important than how the product absorbs into skin or hair, then choose White Gold.

A If absorption is important to you…
Q Are you also wanting to eat it or put it on your lips?
A If you will eat it as well, then Ancient Wisdom is the product.

Next go to the brand page by clicking on the image above or here so you can make the Ancient Wisdom White Gold choice. Alternatively, look at the Twinpack Sampler offer. You can get both Ancient Wisdom and White Gold brands and decide afterwards.


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