Spray-on Coconut Oil for Skin

We don’t have fractionated coconut oil (liquid oil)

Spray on Coconut Oil is extremely high heat treated. That is the main reason we have not sold it up to this point.
We know exactly how bad “dry skin” feels. Our family all suffer from dry skin, and our customers tell us how they hate the drying feeling soap has given them. That “stripped of all it’s oil” feeling on their skin.

Our oldest son treated his whole body for years with Virgin Coconut Oil and Green Gear Balm and Green Relief Salve. You can use oil in the bath. Many people try that. I know that water can strip the skin of oil, but I think it could work.

I hope that helps.

I recommend you look at this eBook. https://www.coconutoilshop.co.nz/order-coconut-oil/is-coconut-oil-good-for-your-skin-seven-insights/
I recommend you try our soap. https://www.coconutoilshop.co.nz/order-coconut-oil/milk-relief-soap-boxed-bars/

Take a look at these testimonials.

What others have thought about Milk Relief Soap™

I was ready to give up finding a natural soap

Natural care for eczema and psoriasis.

“I got to the stage where I was determined to find a natural soap without chemicals for my son that wouldn’t break him out in eczema.”

I got to the stage where I was determined to find a natural soap without chemicals for my son that wouldn’t break him out in eczema. I’ve tried soaps world famous for their gentleness on the skin. Famous olive oil, castile, and goat milk soaps. Every one of them caused me to itch with a rash from head to toe.

Everything broke me out on the skin

While waiting for my order to arrive I purchased another goats milk soap in the States which came in 3 days. Although it had very pure ingredients (olive oil and goat milk) it caused little circular eczema patches on my skin, and my left arm. My biggest frustration in my search for a natural soap was that everything broke me out on the skin.

I am very impressed with how it doesn’t irritate mine, or my sons skin.

Milk Relief Soap™ is great! Your soap is so gentle I can use it on my face, and as shampoo on my son. It was the first time he didn’t scream that soap was in his eyes. With every other shampoo or soap (even after its been rinsed ) it still gets in his eyes when the water streams down his face even though I thought I had rinsed him clean? It’s a constant battle washing his hair, and look forward to tearless shampooing.

Sarah B.
Mclean, VA, USA

My soap search is finally over.

I really wanted to try Milk Relief Soap™, as I was having trouble finding something mild, perfume free & without palm oil etc.

So when I was directed to the old soap ingredients description page, I was still unhappy about the sustainable source palm oil they were using at the time, as it would have been initially planted in cleared forest. The problem is, the more is wanted, the more it encourages people to clear the forest. So I told Milk Relief Soap™ , “I will carry on in my search for an earth friendly soap.”

I also told them the plain sad truth. “I have been looking for a good soap for years.” And that was enough to jolt them into action! They made a brand new formula with the Orang-utans in mind.

Better still, I’ve used it on my skin with psoriasis, and it is not as itchy. In fact, weeks later my skin feels great. So I tried it on my hair for a shampoo, and my hair became softer and less spikey. I will be in touch to order more fabulous soap in the future.

Here is a 3 day progress report on the use of my new soap:
The first day it made my skin feel squeaky—like when you have washed your hair with shampoo that has stripped it of oil. However, my skin felt OK when I’d dried, it has been OK since & the psoriasis isn’t so itchy. I reckon the squeaky feeling was because I’d washed off a build up from my usual nonsoap wash, an organic Bath & Shower Gel – the shower never really needed cleaning, as no scum built up. Can’t say that your soap has caused a build up either, so that’s a bonus too.

And a progress report when half a bar of “All-In-One” was used up.
Just thought I’d let you know that the first bar of soap has just finished—it’s been quite a few weeks & my skin is feeling great.

My soap search is finally over.

P.S. I found that it took a couple of months to reap the real benefits, i.e. 2 bars. Cheers, Marion

Marion Preston, Dunedin, New Zealand
Marion Preston
Healthcare Professional
Blenheim, New Zealand

I hope this information helps you. I know dry skin is not eczema, and eczema is not psoriasis either.