Skin Oil

Your skin is your largest organ

Your largest organ uses special protection against infections built on a layer of oil.
Unfortunately many soaps, and detergents strip your skin of a protective layer of oil, and expose your skin to excess dryness, infection, eczema and other conditions. To counter this many people spend money on moisturising creams and oils.

We use Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Skin Jar

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Skin Jar – leave some in your shower or bathroom and warm it with warm water if you need it liquid.

Are you a big user of Coconut Oil for skin? Maybe you could try our 10 litre pails. You can access the page here to find out some more about it.

Skin Oil

As the largest organ, it may get overloaded with chemicals

We found a number of things can cause the skin to react. So we’ve compiled a list of our family’s possible skin triggers that we try to avoid. You can download this page here for information that may be helpful.

Coconut Oil and Eczema or Psoriasis v1.0

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