Bulk Coconut Oil – Virgin Organic

Bulk Coconut Oil – Virgin Organic Coconut Oil 20L, 10L, 4L, 1L

100% pure and natural, unrefined, cold pressed or fermented oil from Samoa, or Sri Lanka. You are looking at our Bulk Coconut Oil range. We specialise in 20L to 1L size options in this shop and this page has Coconut Oil only.

Small glass jars don’t suit everyone, even when you can buy multiple items cheaper. “Bulk convenience” is why people buy from the bulk range aisle. Purchasers of bulk Coconut Oil, love the convenience of the larger packaging options. Click on the product photos or a the “Add to cart” text link below for more detailed information or to add to cart.

All non-glass packaging is food grade, non leaching plastic. The 10 litre and 20 litre plastic pails are very popular. Click on the product photos or a text link below for more detailed information.

The Bulk Coconut Oil page showcases brand options in this packaging size range. We have two brands of Virgin Coconut Oil in bulk.

  • White Gold Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil and
  • Ancient Wisdom Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (as of June 2018 still out of stock)

20L White Gold

$385.00Add to cart

20L Value Pail Ancient Wisdom

Oil | Organic Cold Pressed, Extra Virgin, White Gold Coconut Oil

Oil | Organic Extra Virgin Raw Coconut Oil extracted by fermentation only (Gut Friendly) Ancient Wisdom

Periodic 20L Pre-Order Sale for Ancient Wisdom

10L White Gold

$260.70Add to cart

10L Pail Ancient Wisdom


Cold Pressed Range - 1L Glass Jar White Gold

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