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Size Matters: Announcing Oil Sizes

Coconut Oil Packaging size counts in the kitchen, bathroom, and carry bag. 

You want a size to suit your needs. We can do that.

We can also provide you with greater economy by offering you a larger size. but at some point you have to fit that jar, or pail in a location that suits your lifestyle. So we offer you a number of choices.

As of August 2017 these are the choices in White Gold brand.

  • 200ml Glass Jars
  • 500ml Glass Jars
  • 1000ml Glass Jars (1 Litre Jar)
  • 4000ml Plastic Pail (4 Litre Pail)
  • 10,000ml Plastic Pail (10 Litre Pail)
  • 20,000 Plastic Pail (20 Litre Pail)

Size Adjustments: Announcing Oil Sizes

Once again, as of August 2017 we have limited stock of 3.25L pails in White Gold, and very limited stock of Ancient Wisdom  in any size. We are currently directing people to purchase through

We will be adding the shop back to this site as well in the future.

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