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Eleanor Hooper, North Waikato | CoconutOilShop.co.nz

Eleanor Hooper is one of our happy customers!

Is all the information on the site making your head swim?

We’ve got a three part “quick start” formula here. Each of the three steps is a link to a part of the site. For example, step 2 is our “absolute beginners – can’t really decide what to do” offering. So click on a link below!

Start here.

Browse one of these products.


Milk Relief Soap™ natural care for eczema and psoriasis


Or investigate our brand or product categories pages.

Learn more here.

And if you’d just like to see what others have said, take a look at the testimonials page here. www.coconutoilshop.co.nz/testimonials

So take the hint, plunge into one of the links above.

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