The Coconut Oil Miracle by Bruce Fife

“The Coconut Oil Miracle” by Dr. Bruce Fife (5th Ed)

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"The Coconut Oil Miracle" by Bruce Fife
Just found out about the benefits of coconut oil and want to learn more? Here is a classic. Written by Dr. Bruce Fife, considered the world’s foremost authority on coconut oil research. The 2014 edition (5th edition) is 278 pages. It includes 50 delicious recipes.

Independent research from a health care professional about what coconut oil does

The Coconut Oil Miracle Book | Arm yourself against the skeptics, with answers, facts and stories
Let’s face it coconut oil is not cheap in this country, and the cost of virgin coconut oil is substantially more than RBD oil which has subjected to many harsh processes to squeeze the most economic value of it.

Most New Zealanders buying virgin coconut oil know why they do it. But Bruce Fife puts it in terms you can refer to when someone questions what makes your oil so much better than their butter, or olive oil, or whatever other argument they’re presenting to you.

In most situations these people are just trying to see if you are really on the right track, when you’re spending good money on a saturated fat.

Coconut oil has been used throughout Asia and the Pacific for thousands of years as both a food and a medicine.

Even today it holds a highly respected position in the Ayurvedic medicine of India. Only recently has modern medical research confirmed the many health benefits traditionally attributed to this remarkable oil.

Once mistakenly thought to be bad because of its saturated fat content, coconut oil is now known to contain a unique form of saturated fat that actually helps prevent heart disease, stroke, and hardening of the arteries. The saturated fat in coconut oil is unlike the fat found in meat or other vegetable fats. It is identical to a special group of fats found in human breast milk which have been shown to improve digestion, strengthen the immune system, and protect against bacterial, viral, and fungal infections.

These fats, derived from coconut oil, are now routinely used in hospital IV formulations and commercial baby formulas. They’re also used in sports drinks to boost energy and enhance athletic performance.

Some of the benefits of coconut oil:

  • Reduces risk of atherosclerosis and related illnesses
  • Reduces risk of cancer and other degenerative conditions
  • Helps prevent bacterial, viral, and fungal (including yeast) infections
  • Supports immune system function
  • Helps prevent osteoporosis
  • Helps control diabetes
  • Promotes weight loss
  • Supports healthy metabolic function
  • Provides an immediate source of energy
  • Supplies fewer calories than other fats
  • Supplies important nutrients necessary for good health
  • Improves digestion and nutrient absorption
  • Is highly resistant to spoilage (long shelf life)
  • Is heat resistant (the healthiest oil for cooking)
  • Helps keep skin soft and smooth
  • Helps prevent premature aging and wrinkling of the skin
  • Helps protect against skin cancer and other blemishes

Coconut oil has been called the “healthiest dietary oil on earth.” If you’re not using coconut oil for your daily cooking and body care needs you’re missing out on one of nature’s most amazing health products.

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