Ancient Wisdom Coconut Oil

Organic Extra Virgin Raw Coconut Oil extracted by fermentation only (Gut Friendly)

Ancient Wisdom RAW Completely Cold Fermentation | Fermented and delicious at the same time.
Sizes: The entry level has 3 size arrangements, in 3 glass jar types.

  • Ancient Wisdom Completely Cold Fermented Glass Jar 100 ml – 1 jar (100 cc)
  • Ancient Wisdom Completely Cold Fermented Glass Jar 380 ml (380 mls)– 1 jars (1000 cc)
  • Ancient Wisdom Completely Cold Fermented Glass Jar 1 litre (1000 ml)– 1 jar (1000 cc)

Traditionally, Fermented Coconut Oil has a reputation for having a strong unpleasant after taste,  but Ancient Wisdom oil is unique. It tastes delicious! This coconut oil is made using a revolutionary twist to the traditional fermented process.

Ancient Wisdom Extra Virgin Coconut Oil was lovingly developed over a 3 year time frame. It is such a unique application of a traditional process, the developer of this product has reversed the one things which keeps many people from eating Fermented Coconut Oil.

This fermented oil is very pleasant, almost sweet, in terms of taste and smell

Many people were put off the smell and taste of one brand of coconut oil simply because one large New Zealand coconut oil supplier started packing traditionally fermented oil from Samoa. The problem was the supplier didn’t know it was fermented! The packaging didn’t tell them either. I’m sure you can imagine the shock and horror people felt when they had come to associate coconut oil with a pleasant aroma and taste, but were tasting and smelling something that was somewhat pungent.

Many unsuspecting people thought the oil was rancid! We know what they were tasting, because we tasted it too. But that was before we started selling coconut oil ourselves.

None of our fermented coconut oils tastes so pungent you’d think they were rancid.

We think fermented coconut oil is a good thing, and ought to taste acceptable too

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