Ancient Wisdom 2 Litre Value Flexipack

Ancient Wisdom 2 L Value Flexipack

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Ancient Wisdom 100ml and 2 Litre Flexipacks

Ancient Wisdom 1000ml and 2 Litre Flexipacks. Soft pack, sharp price.

Organic Extra Virgin Raw Coconut Oil extracted by fermentation only (Gut Friendly)

Ancient Wisdom RAW Completely Cold Fermentation | Fermented and delicious at the same time.

Pure, Non-hydrogenated, Organic, Unrefined, Virgin Oil

Are you looking for a coconut oil that is pure, and not hydrogenated?You’ve found one here. Everyday we get calls and emails asking for coconut oil that matches the standard that Dr Mary Newport promotes for the brain care of Alzeimer’s Disease sufferers in particular. All of our oil is of a similar standard to the jar of “All Natural LouAnaPure Coconut Oil” which was featured in news report about Dr Newport’s discoveries.

Why do some people shy away from fermented coconut oil?

Traditionally, Fermented Coconut Oil has a reputation for having a strong unpleasant aftertaste, but Ancient Wisdom oil is unique. It tastes savoury, fermented, and yet delicious! This coconut oil is made using a revolutionary twist to the traditional fermented process.

Ancient Wisdom Extra Virgin Coconut Oil was lovingly developed over a 3 year time frame. It is such a unique application of a traditional process, the developer of this product has reversed the one thing which keeps many people from eating Fermented Coconut Oil.

This fermented oil is very pleasant, in terms of taste and smell

Many people were put off the smell and taste of one brand of coconut oil simply because one large New Zealand coconut oil supplier started packing traditionally fermented oil from Samoa. The problem was the supplier didn’t know it was fermented! The packaging didn’t tell them either. I’m sure you can imagine the shock and horror people felt when they had come to associate coconut oil with a pleasant aroma and taste, but were tasting and smelling something that was somewhat pungent.

Many unsuspecting people thought the oil was rancid! We know what they were tasting, because we tasted it, too. But that was before we started selling coconut oil ourselves.

If you realise that this oil is fermented, you’ll realise the taste is not rancid. But it is very mildly fermented tasting.

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This is what one customer says about Ancient Wisdom oil’s taste

“Neil, it is very yummy!!” (This customer has tried both unfermented unfermented and Ancient Wisdom fermented oil).

Tracey Keen, NZ Thyroid Association
Tracey Keen, Christchurch

You get to keep the wide lid glass jar!

Have you ever looked for a jar in a shop? Buying a jar with a wide lid is not a cheap exercise! Wide lid jars are expensive. But when you buy Ancient Wisdom brand of coconut oil, we give you the expensive, reusable jar, with a resealable lid for free. (You can also use this jar for housing home-made Christmas presents too).

With Ancient Wisdom, you get to keep the wide lid glass jar!

Fermented Virgin Coconut Oil?

Isn’t Virgin Coconut Oil good enough without fermentation?
Dr Fife, is considered the world’s leading expert on coconut oil. He is known the world over for promoting virgin, unrefined coconut oil. But he doesn’t talk much about fermented coconut oil. However, in the book, “Coconut Cures” he starts the book off by recounting a tale about Paul Sorse a man who developed a career out of selling fermented coconut oil, without advertising or claims to it’s effectiveness as a cure. This story can be found on pages 9-17.

Ancient Wisdom Coconut Oil tastes pleasant, but what else makes it special?

The oil is developed with taste and smell in mind. It is:

  • not heated at all at any stage of production (No heat – low or high)
  • minimally processed
  • organic
  • unrefined (naturally pure white)
  • virgin oil – first and only extraction of oil
  • not pressed (grated and fermented – no need for cold pressing)
  • completely raw and fermented

Wisdom from ancient times demonstrates the benefits of fermentation. Fermented oil makes digesting health-giving acids easier. This is important for those with a sensitive digestive system.

Ancient Wisdom brand of coconut oil has developed fermentation into a simple, cold process

The way coconut oil is extracted from a nut changes the way it tastes, smells, and the ease with which it is absorbed into your body. The minimal processes being used to extract and ferment the oil include absolutely no heat being applied during the process. This approach is revolutionary!

The developer of this oil took three years to perfect this method of extracting pure coconut oil by fermentation only – at ambient temperature. This means the resulting oil is ideal for those following RAW food diet.

This is for the true raw & fermented food enthusiasts! While all the coconut oils we carry are cold-pressed, all the other oils are raised to a temperature of 45 -80 degrees Celsius. This fermented oil is not.

Why fermented coconut oil?

Fermented Coconut Oil provides your body with more of the nutrients (good stuff) to support your body. Fermented foods are very “gut friendly”.

You’ll get more Lauric Acid (medium chain fatty acid, which is said to be good for your brains and your gut).
According to Wikipedia online encyclopaedia, Lauric Acid is hard to come by, and there are few foods that provide it. The reason why Lauric Acid is so important is that it kills bad stuff in your gut and intestine area.

Where do you normally find Lauric Acid?
Information sourced from:

  • 6.2% of the total fat in mother’s breast milk is Lauric Acid
  • 2.9% of total fat in cow’s milk is Lauric Acid
  • 3.1% of total fat in goat’s milk is Lauric Acid

How much more Lauric Acid is found in coconut oil than mother’s breast milk?

Lauric Acid makes up just over 6% of the fat in breast milk, but just under or just over 50% of the fat in coconut oil.

Dr Fife N.D., and Dr Newport M.D. state that Medium Chain Fatty Acids (including Lauric Acid) are good for your brain and your digestion. So if medium chain fatty acids like lauric acid are good for you, the more the better. Right?

If half of the fat content of coconut oil is Lauric Acid, then there is 44% more of it in coconut oil than breast milk. So with those numbers, we can see Coconut Oil is a great source of the Medium Chain Fatty Acid called Lauric Acid. But why Fermented Coconut Oil?

How much more Lauric Acid is found in Fermented Coconut Oil, rather than Unfermented Coconut Oil?

The fermentation process “unlocks” foods so that more of the nutrients become available to the body. Up to 7% more Lauric Acid can be found in our other fermented product, Zenian Fully Fermented “Raw Virgin Coconut Oil”, than the regular oil from the same brand Zenian Regular “Virgin Coconut Oil”.

How much higher Lauric Acid can be found in fermented oil?
According to research documented by Zenian Organics, Fermented Oil contains 52.2% Lauric Acid, while Regular Coconut Oil contains 48.3% Lauric Acid, which is a high level already. One other refined, not virgin, but cold pressed oil describes their oil has having 45% Lauric Acid. So Zenian Fully Fermented oil, with 52.2% of total fat is high.

More Lauric Acid, which is a Medium Chain Fatty Acid, is good for brain care, according to Dr Newport, in her book, “Alzeimer’s Disease: What if there were a cure?”

It also helps your body to fight bad stuff in your gut, because Lauric Acid is a triglyceride that fights pathogens.

Fermenting food has been done for generations

Fermenting food has been part of traditional cultures since time can be remembered, according to Dr Sally Fallon the author of “Nourishing Traditions.” Some people associate fermentation with heat. But with coconuts, fermentation occurs naturally through grating, pressing and leaving it at ambient temperature (such as 24 degrees C), for 24-48 hours for the initial ferment.

Fermenting coconut oil is similar to fermenting cabbage. The difference is that fermenting cabbage requires salt, coconut oil requires nothing more than room temperature. There are naturally occurring bacteria that initiate the fermentation process.

Another difference between fermented cabbage, and fermented coconut oil is that coconut oil has no residual probiotics, according to Zenian Organics. So traditional cultures have always favoured fermented foods, and some are considered very sacred.

Fermented Coconut Oil can be considered special in that it provides 3.9% more Lauric Acid than Regular Coconut Oil from the same country of origin.

Ancient Wisdom raw virgin oil is not RBD (Not Refined)

It is:

  • not fractionated
  • not refined
  • not deodorised
  • not bleached

Unlike RBD (refined, bleached and deodorised) oils, this oil has all the natural goodness of raw unrefined virgin coconut oil still intact, owing to its unique manufacturing process. It is not heated at all.

So what makes it special?

It is our only fully fermented oil from the Pacific Islands, processed in a revolutionary way, based on a traditional process. It is:

  • virgin oil – there is no first press, as it is not pressed
  • Cold processed – grated and fermented
  • Raw food processed only at ambient temperature
  • Unrefined
  • Fermented to unlock the goodness – fermentation is a gut-friendly process to help the body more easily take in lauric acid, something mother’s milk contains
  • NO strong fermented coconut oil smell, or strong back-of-the-throat fermented aftertaste

This oil meets the criteria for low heat processing associated with raw food diets and those who need extra help with digestion of good acids.

Virgin, pure, unrefined coconut oil - non hydrogenated

Are expensive small bottles the reason why you don’t buy more coconut oil?

The oil is bright white in a solid state. Is it bleached?

Virgin Coconut Oil is bright white in a solid state. This is normal. But the colour can vary too. The photo above makes the oil look yellow. It is just the photo.

The oil can have a grayish look about it, almost translucent, near the bottom of a pail or a jar. This is also normal. One Australian brand from the Islands has a more gray look about it. But being gray it is not a sign of superiority.

Some oils have a little bit of sediment in the oil. This is also normal for unfiltered oil, especially the fermented oil, which has less handling than centrifuged oil.

Here is a comment from a satisfied customer.

Three years ago my husband had a stroke

“My husband and I have been taking Coconut oil for over a month now .
Three years ago my husband had a stroke and I read coconut oil is good
for the brain and as his memory is not what is was, I thought this may

I also have arthritis in my knees and I must say I have felt the
benefit of the coconut oil as my knees are not as sore and stiff as
they were and I have even been able to go for walk again.

I am sure there has been an improvement in my husband also and I have
recommended coconut oil to many people.”

Annette Quinn Taranaki |

Annette Quinn, Christchurch

Do You Pay Postage or Freight?

All our prices are postage and freight inclusive. You pay no more than the price in the check out, after you have chosen your items.

No extra charges for Rural Delivery (even after March 2012)

You”ll pay nothing extra in any rural setting. You’ll pay nothing extra in Stewart Island or even the Chatham Islands! (Yes they do consume our oil over there. It’s not a very tropical place).

Take a look at what one of our customers has to say about our customer service!

The Coconut Oil Shop was more expensive

When I first started buying coconut oil, I tried a few different online suppliers looking for the best price and the best delivery time.I was buying from another provider, but when an order took 9 days, and 3 follow up emails to get me I gave the Coconut Oil Shop online another try. My order arrived the very next day*! Wow! That’s what I call service!

Since then, and many orders later, I have discovered their customer service is nothing short of outstanding! Friendly, prompt, and orders are sent when they say they are sent! I feel like they bend over backwards to ensure I get the best in service, quality and supply. I can recommend them wholeheartedly!!

Thank you so much!

Elizabeth Johnsen knows good service when she gets it! Johnsen, Christchurch
*Next day delivery is normal for Christchurch, but not for the North Island. Post have always delivered within, or at 6 days, including weekends.

Do you get a wide opening pouch for free?

You’ll get a wide opening resealable flexipack pouch with all Ancient Wisdomflexipaks, because we understand that sometimes a wide opening is easier than an 80 mm wide jar.

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