300ml Glass White Gold Raw

White Gold | Raw Cold Pressed, Organic Unrefined Virgin Coconut Oil

This is the truest Coconut taste from Sri Lanka. One wiff of it will transport your mind to a tropical island. This Virgin Coconut Oil has a “ridiculously real coconut” taste and smell. It has a sweet aroma and delightful taste. We believe it is the most “deliciously classic coconut” taste and smell we’ve ever seen.


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Coconut Oil: learn more, free, with this list of uses.
True Unrefined Virgin Coconut Oil is tasty and versatile revitalising oil.

Use it for:



Ideal for:







Oil Pulling


Wholefood Revitalising Oil – Why? The Fine Print

We call Virgin Coconut Oil Wholefood Revatilsing Oil because it is the leanest fat. The Medium Chain Fatty Acids in Coconut Oil are very small – lean. Here are the percentages of each of the main MCFAs (MCTs) in White Gold Unfermented Unrefined Virgin Coconut Oil.

  • Lauric acid 51%
  • Caprylic acid 7.8%
  • Myristic acid 19.5%
  • Capric acid 6.5%

300 ml Beginner Glass Jar – Sweet Aroma and Delightful Taste

What makes this 300ml jar special is the 3 man-finger wide neck width. The lid is 87mm wide. Our 380 ml jar has a narrower, 66mm lid.

300ml Glass White Gold

Wholefood Revitalising Oil: Organic Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

300ml glass White Gold jar neck 3 man-fingers wide

Most Coconut Oil in New Zealand is packaged with an Asian tropical mindset. We realise that things are different in New Zealand than they are in Asia.

In Asia:

  • the oil is usally liquid
  • fingers are smaller
  • quality glass is expensive and hard to find

In New Zealand:

  • sometimes one jar is used for skin, or toiletry uses
  • fingers may be thicker than in Asia
  • glass jars are often preferred over plastic

We’ve been approached by a number of suppliers who show us pictures or samples of narrow neck plastic bottles. Such bottles will work well for a bath oil. (Watch this space). But may not suit the discerning buyer who wishes to avoid plastic in smaller packaging as much as possible.

You can reuse the glass jar when you buy a 1 litre Flexipack, 1 litre glass jar or a 4L, 10L or 20L litre plastic pails.

300ml Glass White Gold Fine Print

Ingredients: 100% Raw Unrefined Virgin Coconut Oil

3 man-fingers wide and 3 fingers tall

The White Gold Raw range is that it small enough to be placed in the bathroom or beside the bed. It is almost twice as much oil as our 160ml size jars, but still conveniently small for skin, face, hair treatment in or outside the bath or shower.

Size summary

The 300ml glass White Gold jar size is ideal from bathroom to beginners.

What’s inside a 300ml glass White Gold jar?

The only ingredient is 100% Raw Unrefined Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil. 

Many people are looking for a Cold Pressed Coconut Oil. And there are various ones available in our shop. napoBIO® is a delightful Cold Pressed and Fermented skin oil range. Sea Breeze from Tonga is a magnificent example of a Cold Pressed Pacific Island community enterprise extracted DME® style. Ancient Wisdom is not pressed. The flesh is grated out, and then gently fermented. But is also a completely cold process.

The New Zealand market has Cold Pressed Coconut Oil options. So then why choose White Gold?

The Platinum Experience

If you are looking for a Cold Pressed Coconut Oil, White Gold Raw gives you the Platinum Experience.

To illustrate the point I’m about to make, let me tell you a story about Neil Smith’s wedding band on his finger. In the west we like to say, “Go for gold”. Of course in the Commonwealth Games or the Olympics gold is the highest achievement. But when it comes to music, platinum is the highest achievement. This is because Gold is a weaker metal than platinum.

Until the 1990s New Zealand jewellers didn’t sell a lot of platinum rings or jewellry with platinum in it. And rings were mostly made of yellow gold. But in some places overseas White Gold (Platinum) is more valuable. White Gold is another name for Platinum.

White, Yellow? Who really cares anyway?

Well in gold jewellery colour makes a huge difference to some buyers and users as it indicates strength (usefulness and what can be done with it), price, and perceived value. And there is a similar parralel in Coconut Oil.

Solid Virgin Coconut Oil is beautifully white. Less quality oil, even it is said to be “cold pressed” is slightly yellowed.

Virgin Coconut Oil vs Natural Cooking Coconut Oil

If you have yellow Cold Pressed Coconut Oil I hope it was cheap!

Remember with gold, Yellow Gold is awesome. Go for gold (rather than Silver).

But if you need the strongest metal of yellow or white, go for Platinum, which is also known as White Gold.

We like to think White Gold is the truest Coconut Taste and Smell

One customer took the lid off a small glass jar of White Gold, bottled here in New Zealand. He sniffed it, and said, this is such a “ridiculously real coconut…” then took a taste and his emotions seemed to take off! He then said, “I feel like I’m in the Islands!”

Now that is what we call the Platinum Experience!

You too can have this Platinum experience when you choose the 300ml glass White Gold jar or another size.


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