Milk Relief Soap™


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Milk Relief Soap™ – Proudly Made in New Zealand. Unboxed handmade soap.

Coconut Oil and Goat’s Milk Soap

1 x round soap bar for $7.50 including postage, when added to an existing order of $20 or more.

Here’s a perfect combination for your skin health. Ideal for dry, sensitive skin. Totally unscented. This soap was originally developed for our son with severe chronic eczema. Using 100% fresh goat’s milk with no water added mixed with, lye to make it into soap, and virgin organic coconut oil plus other quality organic oils for mild, creamy lather and moisturising properties. Totally handmade from scratch. Palm oil free. Exactly the same formula as the square bar. Approx. 70 g.

They are suitable for use in cleaning face, hair (yes, as a shampoo alternative), hands and body.

Ingredients: Farm fresh goat’s milk, saponified organic extra virgin olive oil, saponified organic fair trade unrefined shea butter, saponified organic virgin coconut oil, saponified organic castor oil.

Some people wonder if our soap has glycerine in it. The answer is yes. We don’t take the glycerine out, so it is all left in tact. This keeps our soap very moisturising.

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