Creamed Coconut 20 Kilo Pail Rich Gold (Coconut Butter)



Creamed Coconut 20 Kilo | So Rich and Satisfying

Please note that inside this Creamed Coconut 20 Kilo pail there are two plastic bags. It is often called Coconut Butter, Creamed Coconut is pure ground coconut meat in its own natural oil. It gives a rich, creamy flavour to cooking, baking, desserts and smoothies. Can be grated, sliced, chopped, melted or dissolved.

The product inside the Creamed coconut 20 Kilo comes in two layers; the white oil layer at the top and the solid yellowish layer at the bottom. Before use, warm lightly to soften, then stir vigorously to mix the layers back together. Or you can put the whole contents of the jar in a food processor/blender. The contents will become solid again below 26 °C. Scrape required amounts with a fork thereafter.

You can add back the water and make coconut cream or milk as a substitute for tinned coconut cream or milk.

Mix together:

  • 1/2 cup hot water
  • 1-4 tablespoons Creamed Coconut, according to your taste

Rich Gold Organic Creamed Coconut is produced from organic coconuts harvested in Sri Lanka in accordance with organic principles and certified to meet international regulations EU(EEC 2092/91) and U.S. (NOP/USDA).

Sent by courier from Auckland New Zealand.

If you are new to Creamed Coconut

If you are new to Creamed Coconut, you may like to view the product category page Creamed Coconut / Coconut Butter.

Why are there two plastic bag layers?

This is to prevent spillage during transit (the outer bag is heat-sealed), as creamed coconut is liquid in Sri Lanka where the pails are filled, although it is almost always solid in the NZ climate.