Ancient Wisdom 20 Litre Pail


This product is not available. There is an 18L pail size on pre-order, as of November 17th 2019. You pay now, and we deliver when it is imported, and everyone gets their oil in the same week.

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We are currently offering an 18L pail. Click here for details of the presale.

Ancient Wisdom 20 Litre Pail
Organic Extra Virgin Raw Coconut Oil extracted by fermentation only (Gut Friendly)

Ancient Wisdom RAW Completely Cold Fermentation | Fermented and delicious at the same time.

Premium Raw Virgin Coconut Oil from Samoa – after May 2020 arrival

You may try a 1 Litre jar by purchasing it here.

Ancient Wisdom Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is produced from organic coconuts harvested by village people in Samoa. (NASAA) This special oil is extracted by the fermentation method where natural gravity is used to separate the oil from water in coconuts. The goodness and complete nutritional value of the oil remains intact. Enjoy the unique aroma and taste of this traditionally extracted oil. Eat it straight off the spoon, or use it in cooking and baking as well as on skin and hair. This is our most popular skin/massage oil. A natural health practitioner said “It would be hard-pressed to beat the absorption quality of Ancient Wisdom, which glides on like satin and leaves a wonderful radiance to the skin.” The 20 litre pail has a handle, and comes unlabelled.

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