2.5kg Desiccated Medium Fine Gold Sprinkle


Packed as 500g packets, also available in 1-4 packet options.

Gold Sprinkle Medium 500


Gold Sprinkle Medium 500

Unlike cheap desiccated coconut you can find everywhere, Gold Sprinkle Desiccated Coconut is completely free of preservatives (sulphates). Air-dried at under 48 degrees Celsius, not roasted. It is fresh-tasting and always crisp. Compare the difference!

While a lot of cheaper desiccated coconut is made from de-milked coconuts, Gold Sprinkle is made from whole coconuts without de-milking.

Allergen Statement: Processed and packed in the dedicated coconut-only lines and free from traces of other nuts, soybeans, dairy, wheat, fish or eggs.


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