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Coconut Oil Instructions | Virgin Coconut OilThis page displays oil products only. To sort them, use the drop-down menu above the first product displayed. The shop display of “Oil Category” items is below. All our oils are pure, unrefined, and non-hydrogenated. Currently, all oils are organic. Browse The Coconut Oil Shop when taste and quality matter.

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Virgin oil is made from fresh coconuts, and it may be richer in antioxidants and polyphenols. Traditionally, Deodorised (Refined) Oil is made from dried coconut meat.

Many times Deodorised Oil is called Cooking Oil. Our White Steam product is made by steaming the leftover meat from Virgin Coconut Oil. So it is the “second press” whereas the Virgin Coconut Oil is the “first press”.

MCT Oil made from Coconut is not the same as Coconut Oil. It is also called “Fractionated Coconut Oil”. It is extremely potent. It ought to be taken in increasing amounts over time.

The oil is full of fatty acids that your body needs and may help improve cognitive function, metabolism, and hair and skin health.

How can you tell if coconut oil is real?

Real Coconut Oil goes solid at 24 degrees celsius. If you see any shade of yellow colour in the oil that means it is of a low-quality and low-grade oil. For the most part, pure coconut oil is colourless. But the White Gold brand in a glass jar can appear, from the outside, to be grey in parts. But it is not. Any bruising is a sign of stained and ruined. Their smell and taste also help in identifying the purity of the oil.

How long does it keep?
The oil that is stored with the lid shut and away from dirty utensils will last for up to two years.
Should you refrigerate it?
There’s no need to refrigerate it. The oil will last a long time—up to two years—in your pantry. Just keep the lid on tight. Depending on how warm it gets where you live, your oil might go from solid to liquid in the jar.
Does coconut oil make you poop?

Coconut oil possesses a laxative effect that can increase metabolism and help food pass more quickly and with ease through the body. This can make you have frequent, smaller and softer stool movements out of your body. Build up the use of the oil over time, and consider using it around mealtimes.

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Showing 1–12 of 15 results