Coconut Dry Goods

Coconut Dry Goods are derived from a Coconut tree

They are made from the blossom, or they are air-dried from the flesh or oil. 

What will you find on this page?

You will only find products that match the description. Coconut Jam combines Coconut ingredients.
Some of them are made with white flesh and air-dried. Some of them are boiled sap crystals derived from the blossoms, like Coconut Sugar, Some of them are air-dried Virgin Coconut Oil.

About the ingredients in this category.

These goods:
Supports traditional livelihoods
Uses Zero-waste production
Comes from ethically harvested Coconut products
Has as few ingredients as possible
Single product lines never blend product sources
Each product comes from a single origin
Is packed at the source

The products are:

Coconut Dry Goods photo by Robert Goldenowl from Pexels

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