Pricing Questions Answered

We understand your concerns. There are several reasons:

First of all, we offer cheaper pricing to our email subscribers for the Chantal brand, including quantity discounts. You will get instant access to cheaper pricing when you join our email list using the form on the right.

We offer quantity discounts for most items as well as combo deals. We are constantly updating our shop so please email us if you have any suggestions or requests.

You will find that some online shops will charge a packing fee on top of the price, plus the delivery charge. Most of them operate out of big cities in the North Island. If you happen to be close to them, the delivery charge may only be small. We are in rural South Island. Once we calculated how much it would cost us to order a single jar of coconut oil from one of these online shops in the North Island. The product price seemed cheap enough; however, the additional charges were $5.00 packing fee and a whopping $25.49 delivery fee (up to 10 kg)! So it would have cost us $30.49 in postage alone.

Because we are located in rural South Island, it costs us a lot more to buy in Chantal stock and have them delivered to us compared to a North Island city stockist. (The costs per jar is a lot higher for us.)

Many shops in NZ run out of coconut oil for prolonged periods, but we try hard to keep healthy stock levels at all times. We know that the cheapest way to get coconut oil is to buy a container load from one supplier, but that is also risky. Chantal do that, and they frequently go out of stock for months at a time. We have spent $10,000+ at a time for coconut oil from Chantal to make sure we don’t run out when Chantal do. It costs us to store stock, too.

We offer free overnight courier with every order (unless the order is for 10 or 20 L pails). Rural delivery will not be charged extra, either. We only sell what is in stock so there will be no unexpected waiting time.

We also offer a unique 90-Day Taste and Smell Guarantee which no other shops offer. Even after a customer opens and tastes our coconut oil, if he doesn’t like the taste or the smell, we will give her a full refund or exchange upon receiving the returned order. (

We honour the above guarantee even if the jar is half empty. For example, once a customer emailed and said she really didn’t like the taste of a particular oil (1 litre jar), so she needed an exchange, but her problem was that she couldn’t part with the coconut oil and wait a few days for the replacement to arrive. She wanted to keep on using the oil she had even though she didn’t like it, because it was better than no coconut oil at all.

We sent her 2 glass jars of Chantal (1.4 litres) as a replacement the same day, free of charge, before waiting for the return to arrive. She knew she liked Chantal, but Chantal doesn’t come in 1 litre jars, so we gave her 400 ml more than what she originally bought.

When the return arrived, it was already 20% used. No other shops will replace or give refund for that. We cannot sell the return at all; it is all loss to us, but we are committed to our customers and how they get on with the oil they purchase from us.

The above was an exchange, but we give full refunds for returned used jars of oil as well, if the customer so chose.

Unlike a health shop that sells dozens or hundreds of other items, we specialise in coconut oil. As a result, we get enquiries about coconut oil every day from people all over NZ and beyond. They ask us all manner of questions about coconut oil and its uses, and we are busy responding to their quiries every day, both email and telephone. Some buy from us, but others ask all they like and walk away. This shop is what we do for living, so we choose to stay in business rather than go under and not be able to offer the service to those who need it.

So, although it is not easy for us to be able to offer the same single-jar prices as bigger health shops in the North Island, we do offer quantity discounts and combos, and we go out of our way to keep our existing customers happy by offering e mail-only pricing and specials.

Another important point was that we are able to offer White Gold and Ancient Wisdom brands much cheaper than Chantal or Zenian, because we import the oils ourselves directly from the countries of origin. White Gold is just as good or better than Chantal in terms of quality and taste, but you can get it for a lot less.

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