White Gold 380 ml jars

White Gold | Raw Cold Pressed, Organic Unrefined Virgin Coconut Oil

This is the truest Coconut taste from Sri Lanka. One wiff of it will transport your mind to a tropical island. This Virgin Coconut Oil has a “ridiculously real coconut” taste and smell. It has a sweet aroma and delightful taste. We believe it is the most “deliciously classic coconut” taste and smell we’ve ever seen.

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An ideal gift for your loved ones who are totally new to coconut oil. The delightful aroma and taste of this oil makes it our most popular food oil. Select “4 jars” above and pay only $17.88 per jar!

White Gold 380 ml Jar

White Gold 380 ml Jar

Sweet Aroma and Delightful Taste

White Gold Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is produced from organic coconuts harvested in Sri Lanka in accordance with organic principles and certified to meet international regulations EU(EEC 2092/91) and U.S. (NOP/USDA).

Ripe coconuts are dried at less than 40 degrees Celsius and then cold expeller pressed. The oil is not heated above 30 degrees Celsius at bottling.

White Gold Mid Size Range

White Gold Mid Size Range

If you love the taste and smell of coconut oil, you’ll love White Gold. TheCoconut Oil Shop has been selling various brands since 2009. We’ve had numerous samples given to us, and when we tried this oil, we said, “If that is what it takes like, we want some!” And so will you and your friends!

We specialise in Virgin Coconut Oil which is a whole food and needs no refining or deodorising. The taste and smell is still in a quality virgin oil like White Gold Extra Virgin Coconut Oil because it has its phytonutrients still in tact. If you love the taste and smell of coconuts, we recommend you try the sweetest classic coconut taste we’ve ever tried – White Gold.