Sea Breeze from Tonga

Sea Breeze from Tonga – Wild Unrefined Virgin Coconut Oil

Mild savoury taste Coconut Oil, Unfermented Cold Pressed from a Pacific Island in Tonga.

Mild savoury taste Coconut Oil, ideal Virgin Coconut Oil for cooking, eating raw, oil pulling, DME Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil – Sea Breeze from Tonga.

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2L Sea Breeze

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1000ml Sea Breeze

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100g Sea Breeze

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5L Sea Breeze

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1000ml x 2 Sea Breeze

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Mild Savoury Taste Coconut Oil | Sea Breeze from Tonga 2L flexipack

Sea Breeze from Tonga 2L flexipack

DME® Standard Cold Pressed Tongan Virgin Coconut Oil

Wild Harvested Virgin Coconut Oil from the Kingdom of Tonga.

stock-footage-animation-of-the-full-fluttering-national-flag-of-tonga-isolated-on-whiteThe Flag of the Kingdom of Tonga

How DME® Standard Virgin Coconut Oil is made
The nuts are cracked open and the shells are burned to heat the fire that dehydrates the fresh coconut meat. Production temperatures are not more than 59°C.
This meat is then cold pressed with a hand-operated press, and the oil is extracted within one hour of the nut being cracked open. DME stands for Direct Micro Expelling. DME is done in small village units rather than a large factory.

This oil is from Nuku’alofa.

The taste of this virgin coconut oil is very mild savoury, and the smell is mild coconut making it an ideal cooking oil.

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