Other Coconut Foods Aisle

Other Coconut Foods Aisle

Need more VCO (Virgin Coconut Oil) in your diet? | Consume coconut oil while you’re using “ordinary” products
When you get onto a good thing, you want others to take advantage of your new found knowledge, and experience the benefits of your newly discovered idea.

Off you go to enthusiastically tell those in your family about organic virgin coconut oil, and sometimes your enthusiasm isn’t matched by those in your family. So what do you do?

Select an option of one of our innovative coconut based foods for simpler healthy food preparation. Click on the product photos for more detailed information.

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Healthy food needs to taste great, even to the least enthusiastic eaters

Sometimes it is easier to slip the coconut oil down their throats while they don’t suspect it! There are various morally acceptable ways to do this, and there is also coconut flour and creamed coconut. Both of these products have virgin coconut oil retained in them. They are both made from the flesh of a coconut.

Special diet restrictions can lead to a boring diet

Diet restrictions for a gluten intolerant diabetic would be very difficult to prepare food for. But coconut sugar is both gluten free and low GI. This is just one of the examples of how our range of other coconut oil products might help to add variety to a restricted diet.

One of the big reasons why people consume virgin coconut oil is access the high levels of laurice acid. Dr Bruce Fife states that lauric acid is beneficial for our health, and is found in concentrated quantities through breast milk. Adults can’t access breast milk any more. So we turn to one of the only food sources with very high concentrations of that – coconuts. Coconut based products such as Coconut Nectar Syrup and Coconut Amino Sauce also provide your body with lauric acid.

Would you use golden syrup or soy sauce, if your diet allowed you to? Coconut Amino Sauce is a flavour enhancer like soy sauce, but it has:

  • no soy
  • no sugar cane
  • no gluten (100% gluten free)
  • has no MSG
  • a fantastic taste

Coco Nectar Syrup is a sweetening sauce which is:

  • low gycemic index ranking (GI of 35)
  • 100% natural source of sweetening
  • rich in 17 key amino acids

So if you can’t or don’t want to use golden syrup or soy sauce, but would like the taste of either of them, we may have some product you can enjoy.

Coconut flour is our second biggest seller, after coconut oil
Coconut flour is our second biggest seller, after coconut oil

Our second biggest selling item other than coconut oil is coconut flour. We sprinkle coconut flour and flakes of creamed coconut on porridge, along with coconut sugar or coconut syrup. They add to the flavour! This is the aisle to explore when you are looking for innovative ways to slip coconut oil into your diet.

13 thoughts on “Other Coconut Foods Aisle

  1. Good evening from just south of Dundin.
    My name is June Marshall and we as a family, are keen to purchase coconut manna, are we able to buy this product from you please. Your oil and flour is marvelous. Regards June Marshall

    1. Hi June, What Nutiva calls “Coconut Manna” is what we call “Creamed Coconut” (different from coconut cream). You can view the product here: https://www.coconutoilshop.co.nz/products/creamed-coconut/
      In our climate, the glass jar needs to be popped in hot water for a couple of minutes for the contents to soften. It is simply delicious. 🙂

  2. Does any of the Virgin Coconut Oil come out of Fiji please

    1. https://www.coconutoilshop.co.nz/fruit-of-angels-20-ml-sachets/

      This is about to come out in 120 ml coconutoil bars as well, at our shop.

      I hope that helps.

  3. Hi team
    Pls hve more variety of combos (including soaps) so we can try out more products . Can u get smaller quantity than 800 mls Coconut ghee ?

    1. Thanks for your suggestion. We’ll work on that as time permits. Our current project is a major upgrade of the site, pricing display, and perhaps even shopping cart!

      We can’t get the Ghee in smaller sizes at the moment. Sorry.

      The Coconut Oil Shop team

  4. Hi folks!
    Just a query, Is your Coconut cream ‘Bulk catering size’ Pasteurised or Homogenised?
    I notice coconut cream & milk products often are, or are UHT treated. I would prefer them in a more natural state.

    1. UHT. I think one of our competitors in the US put is well when they said, “Can these products be considered raw?

      The liquid coconut milk and coconut cream experience a 2 second heat and a 4 second heat with a cooling cycle in between as described above. This process has a very minimal effect on the taste and flavor, maintaining qualities similar to freshly squeezed coconut milk and coconut cream. However, these two heat cycles preclude it from being titled “raw.”

      This product is different, but similar processes.

      If you want natural, buy a coconut. : )

      The Coconut Oil Shop Team

      1. Hi again. So does that mean all your coconut milk or cream products are UHT?
        Are there any that are not?
        Also do you sell dried coconut in flake or shredded form? – with which I might make my own coconut milk.
        Heating for a few seconds may not sound like much, but UHT is usually 135- 150 deg Celcius, way above boiling point. My concern is that the proteins in particular are damaged much as they are in cows milk?
        I am not against processing the coconut, as long as it is not too damaging to the end product.

        1. Hi Terry,

          So far, we haven’t come across any coconut milk or cream products that are not UHT, but we will keep on searching.

          The problem is the contents can go off too quickly. Unlike pure coconut oil which is extremely stable and never goes off as such, fresh milk could go off in a matter of days.

          Yes, we will be getting organic coconut chips (flakes) and shredded coconut very soon.

  5. Hi there
    I see this page mentions coconut aminos. I’ve just bought an american paleo cookbook with several recipes that require this, but I can’t find it for sale anywhere. Do you occasionally have them in stock?

    Many thanks, Josephine.

    1. We expect it back in stock within 3 weeks. Thanks for asking.

      The Coconut Oil Shop Team.

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