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Gold Sprinkle Organic Raw Desiccated Coconut 2.5 kg Pouch

100% coconut meat with no preservatives or sweeteners added

Desiccated Coconut: freshly grated coconut meat is washed in chlorine-free water and hot air fan dried (not roasted) in temperatures under 48 degrees C on large metal trays.

Full of fresh coconut flavour. Taste the difference. 100% coconut meat with no preservatives or sweeteners added.

  • No sulphites
  • No propylene glycol (no sweetener)
  • No So2 or So3
  • No confectioner’s sugar

Read the ingredient list of cheap desiccated coconut and compare.

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Coconut Dry Goods Chopped

A range of organic raw chopped Coconut dry goods. Top left is fine desiccated, top right threads, bottom chips.

Desiccated Coconut Cut Fine - Gold Sprinkle

Ingredients: Organic Raw Chopped Coconut – Medium Fine and Fine chops

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