Fruit of Angels 4 x 120 ml Travel and Cooking Bars

Organic (Wild Harvested) 100% Virgin Coconut Oil from Fiji

Wild Harvested Remote Fijian Coconut Oil | In solid bar convenience

Fruit of Angels Virgin Coconut Oil Cooking Bar

Fruit of Angels Virgin Coconut Oil Cooking Bar 120 ml

Fruit of Angels is cold pressed using a hand operated machine.

The solid bars remain solid below 18 degrees celcius. They can be used in cooking, by placing one in the fridge, you can roll back the food grade plastic, and slice some off when you need it.

Alternatively, you can take your 120 ml bar of oil with you on your travels, or to the office for a meal break treat.

Buying this oil is helping to provide employment for Fijians in remote islands, and New Zealanders as well.  Fruit of Angels Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is created by Fijians, in Fiji, working with indigenous Fijians from remote rural villages.

The oil is packaged in easy snip and squeeze sachets, in Fiji.