Fife Flour Book Twin Pack Combo

Dr Bruce Fife Coconut Flour Recipe Expert Twin Pack Combo

Way back in 2005 Coconut Flour was available in the US, but there were few recipes on how to use it. So Dr Bruce Fife, Certified Nutritionalist and Naturapath decided to write a book for those who were avoid gluten and yeast. This book appealed to the Coeliac sufferers. That book was “Cooking with Coconut Flour” it came out in its 2nd edition in 2011.

In 2013 Bruce and his wife Leslie got together and created a new book based on the fact that there are now a number of gluten free flours available in the market. They also wanted to create a book which includes yeast for bread making. The Coconut Flour Gourmet is that book.

We’ve put these two books together in a combo. So that you can see which is which, and what they each talk about, I’ve included this comparison grid below.

What is the difference between Bruce Fife’s two books on Coconut Flour?

Dr Bruce Fife Coconut Flour Books

Cooking With
Coconut Flour
Coconut Flour Gourmet
Author Bruce Fife only Bruce and Leslie Fife
Number of Pages 156 pages 173 pages
Low Carb Diet? tickred
Gluten Free Recipes Only? tickred
Yeast Included In the Recipes? tickred
Coconut Flour Only? tickred
Coconut Flour Information? tickred tickred
Quick Breads tickred
Yeast Breads tickred
Muffins tickred tickred
Cookies and Crackers tickred
Cookies (Commonwealth Peoples call them biscuits) tickred
Cakes tickred tickred
Other Snacks tickred
Pies and Pastries tickred
Savory Dishes (Meats and Main Dishes) tickred tickred
Chapter headings at front of book tickred tickred
Comprehensive Index tickred tickred
Key recipe differences  Yeast free, low carb  Includes yeast and other flour types

How many different types of a basic muffin recipe can you squeeze into two books anyway?

Many people like to use Coconut Flour for muffins. So with an impressive 82 muffin recipes or variation of a muffin recipe, you could make a new muffin for work every day, 5 days a week for 16 weeks! That is just over 3 months of the year! So how different is one basic berry muffin recipe from one book to the next.

In Cooking with Coconut Flour 2nd edition, there is a Blueberry muffin recipe on page 58. It requires a 1/4 of a cup of coconut flour.

In The Coconut Flour Gourmet, there is another ingredient added. Plus it is a “Very Berry Muffin”, and lastly, it is in both cups/teaspoons and grams.

What about innovative gluten free options?

  • Gluten free hot dogs (Pig in a blanket)
  • Coconut Fried Chicken (or Coconut Fried Fish) – both in gluten free batter
  • Gluten free french toast with Leslie’s Sandwich Bread (recipe also supplied)
  • Hummus
Dr Bruce Fife Coconut Flour Books Cooking With Coconut Flour Gourmet
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